Greece. Read an article about the traditional  folk costume . A country with a wild history ,torn apart by wars and heroes,by gods and human beings.Greece is part of the great civilizations ,from there start the poems and most of the best historians and poets lived there .The traditional greek folk costume consist in peplon ,chiton,hymation and peplos.The traditions of wearing these garments dating back of the ancient times.

traditional folk costume

During the Byzantine era , a lot of new colours become available in Greece and the traditional folk costume has changed.The embroideries and silk are more in trend than before .In the middle of 15th century , Greece become part of the Ottoman Empire and now the folk costume is a different from region to region .Also the influence of the european fashion is visible in clothing and behaviour of the people .

The ultimate step in the creation of the folk costume was given by Queen Amalia and King Otto .Both liked the simplicity of the costume and the purity of males and women .This purity was clear – white dress with belt for women and for men – black trousers , usually wool fabrics and white shirt .

traditional folk costume2

In different parts of the Greece , women tend to wear an apron – red , blue , yellow and some accesories for hair or for hands .For the rich families , both men and women were around the neck a gold coin necklace .The traditional folk costume of the greek people is different also of their occupation – if they were sheepherds , the costume is lavish and they use heavily embroiered costume .The Sarakatsani people are disctinctive between the other greeks.

The traditional greek folk costume represent their free spirit and their free thinking ;also is a representation of their way of life , how they enjoy the events of life – birth ,childhood , adulthood ,marriage and death .All are represented in the national greek costume .


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