To see all the Dutch cheeses, you really should go to visit the 5 Dutch cheese markets in the Netherlands. You can see the cheese porters, wearing straw hats, carrying huge cheeses on stretchers that almost look like Venetian gondolas. The Gouda cheese market has huge wheels of Gouda for sale, as they’ve been for 300 years. Farmers gather to have their cheeses weighed, tasted and priced.

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The Edam Cheese Market has wheels of Edam brought by carriage and boat to be weighed at the Weigh Station, built in 1778. The market at Hoorn is a reproduction cheese market. The market at Woerden is a commercial cheese market without pomp and show for tourists.

There the cheeses for sale are the authentic Boerenkaasen that are made from raw milk and are significantly higher in taste and quality than the Dutch factory made cheeses. Cheese is incredibly significant to the Dutch economy. There are also some other Dutch cheeses worthy of your attention. Farmhouse Leyden is a name protected Dutch Farmhouse cheese made from raw cow’s milk. This Farmhouse Dutch cheese has a slightly higher fat content and for that reason a richer flavour and a creamier texture, than the typical pasteurized Leyden cheese. An unusual cheese you may want to add to your next cheese platter.

The cheese is made from pasteurized cow’s milk and after that is aged for five months, developing its nutty Parmesan flavour while maintaining the smooth, firm texture of a young Gouda. Almost everybody likes Gouda and nearly everybody likes rich, double crme cheeses.

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So Roomkaas is a winner – it’s a Dutch Gouda style, double creme cheese made from cow’s milk. Regular Gouda cheese has a butterfat content of 48%. Whenever you add more cream to Gouda, raising the butterfat content to a scrumptious 60% – you end up with Roomkaas. In case you’ve tasted goat cheese and did not like it, then I recommend you try Geit-in Stad. Many individuals have said that they love it, although they do not care for other goat cheeses. Geit-in Stad is a Gouda cheese made with goat’s milk.

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