A holiday isn’t really a holiday in Colombia without special food, and the Christmas\New Year’s season is no exception. Bakeries and restaurants seem to pull out all the stops when the end of the year rolls around, offering seasonal specialty plates, brightly coloured pastry and cookies and all sorts of festive cocktails. The colombian food become available in the USA thanks to the immigrants , who bring with them the traditional food and the amazing culture .


The the winter holidays season revolves heavily around family life, offering endless opportunities for cooking and feeding large groups of individuals, and residents have taken up the challenge with a few truly tasty creations. Much of the holiday food will be familiar to other celebrating Christmas and the December holidays around the globe! turkey, pork, rice and potatoes are staples of many Christmas Eve meals throughout the nation.
There are also a handful of plates which are distinctive to Colombia and the Andean region. For most Colombians, a Christmas without these dishes would not taste like Christmas at all.

Natilla: Although the idea of a Christmas custard might not be a universal one, these festive cakes are popular through much of the Spanish speaking world, particularly in Colombia and Ecuador. Natilla appears on most tables in the month of December, and some restaurants will even feature it as a seasonal treat. The vanilla flavored vanilla tastes a bit like the spread beloved arequipe spread, but natilla has much more of a flan like consistency.
There are endless variations throughout the nation – some serve it sprinkled with cinnamon, others with shredded coconut – but everybody seems to agree that you cannot have Christmas without natilla.

Pan de Navidad: Literally Christmas bread, pan de Navidad is another holiday staple, adding a sweet slice to the mountain of carbohydrates already on most plates. More of a dessert than a side, this simple bread is baked with chocolate, raisins, dried fruits, almonds along with other nuts, giving it a festive appearance perfect for parties and a flavour perfect for late night snacking.


Bunuelos: It is possible to find buuelos all year round at many of Colombia’s ubiquitous bakery, but Christmas time is undoubtedly the Time of the Buuelos. For anybody familiar with Dunkin Donuts Munchkins, these snacks might look oddly familiar – about the same size and shape as donut holes, the cheese filled treats are like Munchkins savory twin. These fried, cheesy dough balls make a great breakfast snack any time of year, dipped in coffee or hot chocolate, but they’re absolutely necessary at any festive holiday season gathering.

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