Traditional Romanian Food is an amalgam of Balkans food with Turkish influences and Oriental .The traditional romanian food is now available in many restaurants and shops worldwide .The traditional romanian food has his influence in the culture , folklore and traditions .

Most people who’ve enjoyed the aromatic grilled sausages called Mici might think that this food is the greatest Romanian forte. The fact is they are not, they’re considered a conventional food in Serbia, Hungary and Bosnia as well. Often times, the only difference in how these along with other Conventional foods are made in Romania when compared with other countries is the spices used, which can give a distinctive flavour to local groundwork.

traditional romanian food

Sadly there is too little refinement in using seasonal produce in conventional foods, regardless of the fact that Romania is among the few nations in Europe where organic vegetables and fruits are generally available at farmers markets at affordable costs.

Smoked bacon is produced from the fat found in either the abdomen region or on the rear of a pig. Cabbage rolls are made of minced meat mixed with rice along with other ingredients and rolled into cabbage leaves. Corn meal with salty cheese and sour cream – Mmlig cu brnz i smntn. Mmlig is the name from a food produced from boiled corn meal comparable to polenta. Fried dough with sweet cheese – Placinte cu branza dulce.

traditional romanian food

Fried dough is an ancient conventional food in Romania. Pork banquet is an ancient custom, including a thank you dinner to honor those pals and relatives who helped in processing food got from slaughter a farm raised pig.

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