Romanian food is amazing, it’s simply impossible not to find something you’ll adore.

Ciorba – is the Romanian sour soup: ciorba radauteana, ciorba de perisoare, ciorba de vacuta. This Romanian dish is popular throughout the winter vacations. Individuals use pork trotters, rind, ears or legs since they’ve plenty of natural gelatin.

romanian foods

Cozonac – sweet bread with raisins, nut individuals prepare on Easter, Christmas, New Year’s Eve. Romanian women wear basmale, that are squares of cloth woven in cotton, silk or wool, decorated with embroidery. Individuals paint the eggs in various colours. Individuals use leaves of onion use embroidery to create various models on the eggs.
Individuals wear national costumes, sing, dancing and, why don’t you fall in love. Romanian individuals are incredibly friendly and significant when they talk. When a Romanian man is presented to a female, he’ll likely kiss her hand. Romanians smile each time they meet their buddies or co-workers on the street. Romanians enjoy the long term relationships based on trust, respect and commitment. The Romanian persons haven’t forgotten to pray and hope.

Another traditional romanian food is sarmale , which are made from cabbage and filled with rice and meat(chicken , beef ) .They are served all year around and most of the romanians womens , know the recipes. Also is available a vegetarian version of sarmale , made with rice and vegetables , like mushrooms , carrots ,parsley etc.

Chiftele- is another romanian dish .They are prepared from mince meat ,eggs and bread ,mash potatoes , herbs and spices.They can be served with mustard or with tomato sauce , like meatballs .

Zacusca-is a dish which you will find everywhere in the Balcans .This dish is prepared with fresh vegetables , like eggplant ,red peppers , green peppers, yellow peppers and small pieces of onions .You can add to this mix mushrooms ,tomatoes and carrots .Also , don´t forget to add the spices , like black pepper and bay leafs .You can eat zacusca with bread .

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