There are a number of Sherry types- all with a distinctive taste description.


Fino – Quite dry, light bodied Sherry that’s straw like in colour. The characteristic odors connected with Finos are almonds. Generally, Finos is available in at about 15-17% alcohol by volume. Astonishing with almonds, olives, ham, as well as chips as well as dips. A Fino fashion of Sherry produced in Sanlucar and best with sea food and tapas. Amontillado – In between Fino as well as Oloroso with regards to colour and body. This away dry Sherry loses its flor throughout the aging process and yields deeper colour as well as a lovely nutty flavor.

The characteristic odors connected with Amontillados are hazelnuts. This Sherry is excellent with oily fish and poultry dishes. Olorosos usually have an outstanding walnut smell and a swirled caramel flavour that makes them a top pick for rich meats as well as flavorful cheeses.

Palo Cortado – Is an extremely rare drink that starts life cheeses like Up and progresses to an Amontillado, but ends up with the richer fashion of an Oloroso. This┬ádrink has a dry flavor and an enchanting reddish brown colour combination with sensational aromas and complete flavor.


Sweet Sherry – Is a┬ádrink which has been sugared with Pedro Ximnez grape juice. Pedro Ximnez grapes possess a high residual sugar content as they’re sun dried to focus the sugars before being pressed. Flavors that one may anticipate from PX are the thick, sweet flavours of fig and molasses.

Pedro Ximnez – can be an ultra sweet nearly syrup like dessert drink, produced from sweet, sun-dried grapes of the same name.

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