Akide ekeri, badem fstk ezmesi, numerous puddings muhallebi, desserts with syrup tulumba, lokma, helva in a wide range of flavours and fruits desserts like quince and pumpkin are among the primary Turkish desserts.

turkish sweets

Turkish sweets now can be found everywhere , but the most delicious are in Turkey.The Western european countries have large communities of turkish in there , and they have opened many restaurants or cafes with turkish type , and you can find a good selection of turkish sweets there , too .

Kaymak can be essential part of prolonged joyous breakfasts and it is used as butter. It is very delicious, but has a high calorie count! Hacbekir continues to be linked with Akide ekeri and Lokum for over a century and Baklava is recognized with Gllolu. Various kinds of Lokum are available in virtually all pastry shops. The one and only name in marzipan it is Bebek Badem Ezmecisi.

Cemilzade is renowned for the lokum and pistachio marzipan. The worst thing about Turkish Sweets it is they cause you gain weight, if you’re not sportive enough. Various types of Lokum, and almond and pistachio fluxes are delightful. Hac Bekir – Haci Bekir it is the earliest sweet shop in Turkey. Their akide sekeri available in various sorts and colours are wonderful. They also produce various kinds of Lokum and helva.

Karaky Gllolu This is the most renowned sweet producer in Istanbul. The Glloglu family have now been working in baklava generation for five generations. The most required products are its prominent baklava sorts, including baklava for diabetics.

turkish sweets

Along with those of Bregi, tel kadayif, ekmek kadayf, tulumba tatls and Turkish Delight are offered.

Don’t think that each Glloglu is the same. Saray Muhallebicisi – Saray is the popular pudding house. Don’t miss trying Saray style on Brei and of course renowned Turkish desserts like baklava or kaymakl ekmek kadayf. Fikret Mualla A Turkish painter that has accumulated worldwide recognition. Izmir, the 3rd main city in Turkey, is at striking distance of all of the ancient sites and places of the central Aegean.

Bakkal – Grocer you’ll get across to Bakkal nearly every corner at inner city living. Siirt in Istanbul Meral stn incredible breakthroughs at Siirt Pazar in Fatih.

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