A cozy dining facility situated at the heart of Angeles City, Simple Asia is about good food, efficient services, and reasonable prices. People may easily find this inviting Angeles restaurant conveniently stationed along Friendship Highway in Barangay Anunas, which serves a range of fine tasting international dishes and specialties. For all those who’re planning to visit this friendly guest room, prepare at least 500 pesos for a possibility to experience what great dining is really about. Simple Asia in Angeles City offers various types of ice cream flavors. For those who love chocolate, they can order enticing flavours like Rocky Road, Double Dutch, as well as Cookies and Cream.


This Angeles restaurant also serves ice cream with fruity flavours like mango and strawberry. There are also numerous different types of cake flavours to select from inside this cozy dining room including chocolate mousse, cheesecakes, and the like. Plus the food, individuals will also love the cozy, peaceful, and calming atmosphere inside Simple Asia in Angeles City. For clients who like to eat outdoors, they can stay at the garden area of the elegant restaurant Angeles, where they can enjoy romantic dining experiences. For all those that prefer to dine indoors, they can eat and drink inside the air conditioned restaurant, that has a cozy, classy, and peaceful atmosphere.


The service is extremely fast and extremely efficient, whilst the tables and seats are very comfortable. The capacious garden of the place may be used for special occasions along with other social gatherings like wedding receptions, birthday parties, and much more. The exact address of Simple Asia is 193 Friendship Highway, an extremely convenient spot within Barangay Anunas in Angeles City. While offering a diverse menu with a lot of European delicacies, this Angeles restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine. For pasta lovers, they’ll certainly love the delightful tastes and flavours of scrumptious treats like lasagna, baked macaroni, and spaghetti. Another in house specialty is German Sausage, that is a very tasty and irresistible dish. This place also provides special catering services, specifically for clients who wish to make their events very memorable, fun filled, and definitely special. The official telephone line of Simple Asia in Angeles City is-893-3300. Using this particular contact, interested parties may submit questions and requests from the staff and management of this Angeles restaurant.

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