Food & Traditions was made to gather local markets in one place and to promote the tradition and the uniqueness of home made products.

Tradition. It’s a cherished and respected way of doing things that has passed the test of time. Our business is called Food and Traditions, and the tradition we cherish is to provide the finest food, vegetables, and ingredients locally. Food and Traditions enables small businesses in the food and beverages industry to prepare food the traditional way, the right way. We are all about local markets that provide organic and fresh food made with care. Forget supermarkets and mass production. Remember food the way it is meant to be: fresh, delicious, and wholesome. Remember Food and Traditions.

Food & Traditions solves a major problem facing people who want to enjoy locally produced food.  By creating an online community and marketplace, Food & Traditions brings the best of local food to buyers anywhere on the Web.  At the same time, Food & Traditions gives local food producers a much-needed marketplace to sell their unique, culturally rich wares to a broader audience than they could ever find in their individual locations.

  • Serving the food shopping needs of people who want authentic, locally-produced food items from numerous regions.
  • Providing a distribution mechanism for small, independent local food producers who could not likely create this level of distribution on their own.
  • Enabling local food producers to thrive despite competition from massive, international market players.
  • Preserving cultural traditions in food while exposing many delights of local food to new consumers.
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