Acacia honey is famous due to its medical qualities too. The article below provides a fascinating introduction in Romania Acacia honey. It looks at its sources, how a Romanians create the honey, and its many uses. There are over 300 kinds of honey in the world. Acacia honey is one which comes from the black locust or false acacia tree.

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That is a light coloured or clear honey, and has a mild, but sweet taste. Acacia honey has a sensitive flavour which has hints of vanilla. The honey rarely crystallizes due to its high fructose content. Made from the nectar of thee acacia flower, this maybe one of most typically desired honeys in the world.

These are a diverse group of nutrients or plant chemicals. The honey also includes phenolic compounds, that are also plants chemicals. Flavonoids and phenolic compounds act as anti-oxidants inside the body. As you can tell, getting anti-oxidants into your system is an essential part of ultimate health.

The Acacia tree is just a flowering plant and part of the legume family. For bees, these trees emit wonderful smelling nectar they just cannot resist. For us, the acacia tree is in fact poisonous, aside from the flowers. The planted acacia produces much more nectar than those that grow wild in the forest.


In the center of spring, the Acacia is just in full bloom. A warm climate with humid mornings suits the plant best. In An average hive there’ll be between 30-50 kg of acacia honey. Acacia honey actions all the most common health benefits of other honeys, yet it also has some distinguishing properties of its own. Regarding the last stage, there is been some scientific research to the results acacia honey has on wound healing. The trail used the honey topically as well as orally. The outcomes showed the honey had an important impact on contaminated wound healing.

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