Cooking corn on the cob only got a great deal simpler and healthier. Slowly steaming the corn in its own juices with a few simple, healthful flavorer effects in damp, tender, incredibly delicious corn with NO BUTTER. If you’re a purist and believe that corn on the cob has to be slathered in butter, this same slow cooker technique could be used with butter. The slow cooking process brings out the flavour and sweetness of the corn. It’s still great to skip the foil and stack all the nude cobs of corn in the slow cooker. Step-by step pictures for makingSlow Cooker Corn on the Cob.

corn on the cob

Ears of corn, husked and silk removed, just how many you cook depends upon the size of your slow cooker. In addition they keep your fingers from burning from the spiciness of Sriracha corn ears preventing yellowish fingers from the Curry corn ears. Put the foil wrapped cobs of corn, seam side up, inside the slow cooker. In case your slow cooker has a warm setting, you can take the corn on warm for no less than a hour after it is cooked. It’s simple to customize corn on the cob to complement a wide variety of meals. Chili Lime Corn on the CobBrush the corn ears with olive oil and season with pepper and salt as described above.

corn on the cob2

Fresh Herb Corn on the CobBrush the corn ears with olive oil and season with pepper and salt. Curry Coconut Corn on the CobBrush the corn ears with coconut milk and season with pepper and salt. Pesto Corn on the CobPesto already has olive oil and seasonings, so there is no need to add these. To season the corn, merely spread it with pesto and it is ready to wrap and cook. Simply spread a number of the sauce on the corn, wrap, and cook. If you accidentally crushes too much of the sauce on, you may wipe off the surplus with a paper towel until you’ve the desired quantity of sauce on your corn. Make ahead tip for foil wrapped corn: your day before, you may husk and clean the corn, season it, wrap the ears in foil, and refrigerate them overnight.

The following day, move the chilled corn directly to the slow cooker and add 30-60 min.

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