If you’re lucky and live in a place with apple groves then choose a mix of tart and sweet apples and place them in a pie within twenty four hours. If you live anywhere near an apple grove I urge Granny Smith apples for the pie. Another combination that works excellent is McIntosh and Cortland apples, however only if they are fresh. When baking a  pie, among the big issues is burned edges of the crust. To prevent this problem cover the borders of your pie with tin foil. Or, you can actually buy a border guard at the local kitchen supply store that’s placed on the borders of the pie to defend them from burning.
Taste the apples. Once you add the cinnamon\/sugar mixture taste test your apples. Do not be afraid on add more brown sugar and cinnamon to the concoction. Additional weight is an excellent thing! If you bake the pie shell prior to adding the  filling the pie shell may inflate. To stop this from happening add dry beans to the base of the shell prior to putting it in the oven. Always make more apples than you think you might need. Create a mountain in the pie shell whenever you add the apples. Stretch the top pie crust on the mountain of apples as best you can.

You’ll find whilst the pie bakes the mountain of apples may deflate. You’ll be left with a pie which has an adequate amount of apples. Without the mountain you might end up with a caved in pie and several apples per slice. Do not forget to provide ice cream with each slice of pie. Vanilla ice cream is the standard scoop to add to a slice of pie. Try cinnamon or butter pecan ice cream instead. Cookies and Cream ice cream works very well, as does Pistachio and Peach ice cream. Apple Pie with a twist. In place of the standard apple pie, look for versions of the recipe.
Try Dutch  pie or French Apple pie or apple pie combinations like Rhubarb\/Apple or Cranberry Raisin Apple pie. Caramel yum! Rather than ice cream, drizzle melted caramel on your apple pie. This gives the pie an added sweetness which will impress your friends and family. If you don’t think your apples are sweet enough, but you don’t want to add sugar, attempt 1tbsp lemon juice, some finely grated lemon zest, and 2 tablespoon melted apple jelly.

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