In Texas, barbecue means steak and steak ribs are a favored of ours. A lot of people claim beef ribs are difficult and fat when barbecued. In case your meat are being released tough you will not be cooking them long enough. The meat need to be cooked in a low temperature to get a long enough time to make the fat and tenderize the meat. Keep the smoker to about 225 degrees also cook them to get about 6 – 7 hours plus they’ll be melt in your mouth soft and not in any way fatty or greasy.


The ribs which are most generally accessible come vacuum packaged in plastic. It might be challenging to find beef ribs that have not had majority of the meat trimmed off. The bone side among it has a tough membrane that ought to be removed before cooking it.

Slip a dull knife along one among the rib bones beneath the membrane to loosen it also get it started. Pull the membrane away from the ribs also it must raise right off. After eliminating the membrane and trimming off any extra weight, rub itwith our favored dry rub, Smoke Ring Tournament Barbecue Rub.

Scatter the rub onto it and after that rub it in well. Just in case you’ve time, wrapping it in plastic wrapping and refrigerate overnight before cooking. This isn’t truly needed so do not worry about it if you rub them down also place them right on the smoker. If you’re laying them flat, place the membrane side down. Allow lots of room to get air to circulate around the ribs. The meat were in for about 3 1\/2 hours at a temperature of 225 to 250 degrees. Notice that the meat has started to pull back from the rib bones.


Ribs can be cooked both dry or Wet. Make sure to utilize a sauce with a low sugar content or make use of turbinado sugar in your sauce. Your cooking time will vary based on your smoker also variations in the meat. Serve the dish among ribs with a side among potato salad also some barbecue sauce on the side. To serve, cut the ribs aside by cutting between the bones. Serve with a few smoked hot link sausages for a wonderful barbecue platter.

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