A bento usually consists of a few food items: a meat item like teriyaki meat, fried poultry or fish, a slice of spam that is a local favored, over a bed of rice with a few furikake and a pickled vegetable. There are various places that sell bento around Hawaii, but in the last several years Sugoi’s has stood out as among the best.

Sugoi’s got it is start back in 2000 when it opened in the City Square Building near the old Gem’s and across the stream from Honolulu Community College. The word Sugoi means Awesome in Japanese, plus they indeed serve some awesome dishes at Sugoi.


Their signature dish is the crispy deep fried garlic chicken. Islanders rave about it is slightly sweet Mochiko breading and the tender juicy poultry on the inside.

The poultry is marinated in Sugoi’s special garlic sauce. Every one of those bento juicy offer a choice of either white or brown rice and include a portion of teriyaki beef, hot dog, a slice of scrambled eggs and a ume with the entre of your choice. The Mochiko Chicken is the basis of all of the poultry bento on the menu. There’s also the combination bento if you want to try two of any one of the items.


While Sugoi has awide range of bento, they also serve Hawaiian style plate lunches as well. Chicken Katsu, hamburger steak, pork cutlet, teri beef, and a wide range of fish is served with two scoops of white or brown rice, and a choice of toss salad or macaroni salad. For all those that feel that Sugoi’s gives too much food, they also offer a mini plate with less rice and slightly less of the main entree. She’d the mini bento with salmon and I’d the Garlic Chicken plate lunch with brown rice and macaroni salad.

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