The red fish a challange for many fishermens. The red fish is kind of special fish in the sea !A fish finder is made for the fisherman to be able to recognize construction, depth and FISH beneath and, with the newest technology, all around the boat. Both primary types of fish finder shows or screens: a colour or a monochrome fishfinder. Clearly, the colour fish finder is easier to read. At any time you look in the screen of the fish finder, it’ll show 3 colours red, yellow and blue. The blue is the simple one, it’s showing the water under the boat. The red on the screen reveals the top of the water and something dense beneath the boat.

red fish1

Occasionally it’ll show yellow, meaning that the object isn’t as dense as the red. At any time you look in the screen, you’ll see red arches which show up in the blue region. The fishfinder may also show large balls of red, which often means which there is a bait ball beneath the boat. If you see arches beneath the red balls this means the fish are shoving the bait to the water surface. The colour fishfinder is simpler to see throughout the day than the monochrome fish finder. The colour combo models also plot even faster, particularly with the broadband technology which exists in the newest Lowrance HDS fish finder models.

It uses an exceptionally very sensitive digital filtering process which allows the user to troll quicker and see the fish which are under and around the boat. In shallow water it cuts throughout the mess and makes it simpler to see the fish at that low water depth. This is the usual depth which the average angler fishes. The white and black fish finder works like the colour fish finder, but is a lot harder to read for the recreational angler, particularly in the daylight. Like the colour fishfinder, it reveals the bottom and very top of the water beneath the boat.
Rather than showing the density of what’s beneath the boat, the monochrome fish finder simply reveals the bait balls and the arches. It only shows them in black, that makes it harder to distinguish between the bottom and what’s actually fish. The monochrome fishfinder selections usually come in smaller screen sizes than that of the colour fish finder models. If you’re in the market for a brand new fishfinder, it’s best to spend the extra cash and purchase a colour model.

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