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Applicator – how to choose the right one

Many farmers are coming back to the product having used it in a small way in the past ,explains Dominic Lamb .But there is a new generation who are not familiar with it ,and they may be unsure about what equipment to use for greatest efficacy and how to set it up .


“Granule application is of course a popular contractor service , and we believe at least half of the Avadex used on UK farms is applied by contractors .But a modern ,accurate granule applicator can be useful piece of kit for a number of other operations ,for example for applying slug pellets , so it could be a worthwhile investment .”

Calibration for accurate application

The application rate for Avadex is 15kg/ha ,but Rob Foxall ,of SCS Sprayer and Spreader Testing ,says this needs to be evenly applied across the whole of the hectare to be effective .

“The same amount of Avadex needs to be applied across the entire width of the boom ,so checking the applicator is set up and calibrated correctly is essential .”

Mr Foxall suggests operators first check over the machine to ensure it is correctly put together and the outlets are at the right height and spacings.

“Make sure the fan is running correctly and there is sufficient airflow ,and then calibrate the applicator to ensure the application rate is correct .”

He also stresses the importance of a patternation test to check the granules are being applied evenly across the fill width.

“This isn´t part of the NSTS test ,but we carry out this test  as standard because we believe the even application is so important .”


Machines need to be tested at an NSTS test centre by November 2016 undert the SUD directive ,and the Red Tractor scheme then requires they are tested annually following that .

“We take the operator through all the checks so he knows what to look for ,and as well as going over the machine at the start of the season ,it is worth checking the feed rolls pipework and spreader plates every time we use Avadex applicator ” , says Mr Foxall.



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Farming to control black-grass

Organic farming has improved in the last decade more than before .

Black -grass has been an issue for E.J. Morris and Son ,of Royston ,Herts ,for a number of years , and Sam Morris suggest now ” farms to control black-grass rather than to achieve the highest yields”.


Latest measures include a recent upgrade of his Avadex application equipment to improve accuracy of application and to achieve the required timeliness at a busy period.

Mr Morris says : ” We have triple-R- resistant black-grass on the farm and chemical control can only do so much ,so we are incresingly reliant on other strategies .”


Adding spring barley and peas to the rotation also helps with control , as well as meeting the Rural Payment Agency´s three -crop rule requirements.

“We´ve used Avadex for  a while to control black-grass ,applying it with a tractot -mounted broadcaster ,but we needed to replace our roller , so purchased a new roller -mounted system in 2015 .

Avadex application is the last job before spraying , and as we need to consolidate ,it made sense to fit the applicator to the roller .We went for an Opico Micro Pro on He -Va rolls and it offers highly accurate product placement .The applicator can also be used to apply slug pellets to rape etc .,so it was a good purchase .”

He says the conditions need to be suitable for rolling ,yet there must be sufficient soil moisture for the pre-ems to work ,so getting the drilling date right is essential .

Depending on weather conditions this can be as late as October and November .All operators are kept in-house and while Mr Morris ´father traditionally took care of Avadex application under a “Grandfather Rights”. exemption,Mr Morris and a number of other drivers hold the PA4 certification needed.

“With our own farm now totalling 275 hectares plus the same on contract where we using Avadex more widely , we would have needed several qualified operators anyway , so the new legislation has not affected us that much , he says .

Mr Morris also recently completed his BASIS qualification which he says gives him a better understanding of the products being used on the farm .

“Residuals still form an important part of the programme and Avadex fits in well with that .But it does need specialist equipment for application ,and works better in the right season with favourable weather .It´s not enough to get any old granule applicator out of the shed – you need to be accurate to get the best results.”


He says 2015/2016 was a difficult season for effective black-grass control ,with soils were dry on top .

“There was enough moisture for black -grass to germinate but not enough for the residuals to work effectively .But I think without Avadex we would be in a worse situation than we are “.

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Campaign and the black-grass


Later drilling gives the opportunity for at at least two kills ,starting with ” tickling over ” the seedbeld to no more than 1-2 cm and leaving the seeds to chit ,then ,once 600 black -grass plants per sq.m. emerge to spary off with glyphosate.He says the second shallow cultivation and resulting second weed flush is key to the success of the stale seeedbed.


“Hold your nerve- don´t get to September 20 ,panic about the weather and go in with the drill .The earliest land with black -grass should be drilled is after that second flush towards the end of October – calendar date is less important than the second full flush ,so get it out the way and take it out before you drill .

Modern varieties

“With modern varities it is possible to drill up to February without a real yield penalty ,so at the same point in that period the conditions will be suitable to drill “.

Variety choice is important he adds , and milling wheats should not be planted in black-grass prone land;choosing a competitive variety gives the crop the best chance of success.

Creating the best conditions for the chemicals being used also increases their effectiveness , says Mr Sparling .

“Residuals need a good seedbed ,and an open and cloddy seedbed should be avoided. Avadex is a solid – a granule -which becomes a gas with no liquid phase ,soit has to go into the ground to avoid losses.You need an even seedbed to get even coverage ,plus a good operator to apply the granules accurately “.

Timeliness is also crucial ,and chemicals need to be applied with five days of drilling .

“Drill , roll ,spray ,Avadex.Once the black-grass starts to put out roots they can grow below the band of herbicide ,and this can happen in three to four days on a good autumn seedbed.”

When drilling, operators should bear in mind that while the sowing depth needs to be appropiate for the seed ,it should also offer protection from the herbicide .

If black-grass is starting to re-grow within two or three days of drilling there is the option to mix glyphosate in with the herbicide ,but Mr Sparling warns farmers should not rely on this.


“Good stewardship is vital to ensure we keep glyphosate .If we lose this important ative ingredient we would have to rely on cultivations to control black -grass which would only work in a dry autumn .In addition to showing good stewardship ,farmers need to be pro-active and convince politicians and the general public that glyphosate is safe ,vital too for the industry .


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Getting the measure of your farm´s resistant black-grass

From the first incidents of resistant black -grass found in Peldon, Essex ,in 1982 ,it is now estimated 1.2 milion hectares are affected on 20.000 farms. Virtually all have some level of resistance and more than 700 farms have confirmed ALS target site resistance to mesosulfuron + iodosulfuron .


As few as 10-15 black -grass plants/sq .m can result in a yield loss of around 0.5t/ha ,which rises to 2t/ha for /100  plants /sq.m.

Recent surveys suggest farmers are spnding $50-70 /ha on black-grass control ,and $100 /ha is not uncommon .Some growers have even arrived at a point where it is not viable to grow wheat because of high levels of black -grass on their land .

Most farms now use a range of strategies to cotrol black-grass ,and consider weed control to be a major factor in what they grow and how they establish their crops .

Independent Agronomist and AICC vice -chairman Sean Sparling suggest one of the key weapons in the farmer´s armoury against black-grass is knowing his land.


“Your compaign starts before harvest by considering the weed issues in the previous crop-identify the bad fields by mapping the weed patches .Tailoring the rotation towards prioritising weed control can help as different chemistry can be used in break crops .Where the black -grass populations are high ,it may be necessary to use glyphosate in the standing crop to destroy both the crop and the black-grass in order to minimise seed return .”

Mr.Sparling says the industry is now paying the price for previous over reliance on herbicides to control weeds.

“Ten years ago the products were 99.9% effective ,but each year they became less so ,which was considered acceptable at the time .And as the chemistry become less effective ,the 2%,3%,4% ,5% etc black -grass which wasn´t being controlled has multiplied with the result black -grass populations are now largely resistant to SU constact herbicides.

By the 2015/2016 season Atlantis was failing widely and farmers now have a problem .But the answer is not in a can”.

He says Avadex and other pre-emergence herbicides can do a good job when used as part of a strategy including delayed drilling ,but to get the most out of them ,farmers need to “start clean “.

“There are arguments for both the plough and min-till ,altough you should choose one method and stick with it “.

Technique is important ,he points out -if ploughing ,the aim should be to invert to at least 25 cm and then work the 4cm ,avoiding bringing weed seeds back up .

Stale seedbeds can be highly effective ,he adds ,but in min-till regimes ,it is important to avoid over-incorporation.


“Leave weed seeds on or close to the surface where they can be killed ;don´t bury them so the drill stirs up trouble”.

Mr Sparling emphasises in a stale seedbled it is important to use all the tools available .

“Do everything you can .Avadex and pre-emergence herbicides go hand-in hand ,but only 5-10%of the work is done by chemicals- the quality of the stale seedbed is the basis and delayed drilling makes the most of it “.

The interview with Mr Sparling  will continue tomorrow .


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Seafood industry – a new challenge

Six years ago , the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute ,with the help and support of United Fishermen of Alaska ,undertook the Alaska Herring Development Project with the goal of helping the Alaska seafood industry create a viable ,sustainable market for Alaska herring as a human food product .


Alaska herring has historically been harvested primarily for the Japanese roe market and for the bail used to catch other species ,such as halibut and crab , and even reduced for oil .The need for herring oil was made obsolete 60 years ago with the development of petroleum and with the introduction of lower -cost oil from Peruvian anchoveta .The roe market has been in a steep decline for the last 15 years ,due to changing tastes among Japanese consumers .

A key component of the project has been the purchase of several essential pieces of equipment that were non-existent in Alaska ,or the United States.This equipment has been used to develop and refine the process needed to produce various consumer products from springtime(spawning) Alaska herring ,namerly herring fillets ,and canned herring .

Alaska canned herring has now been sampled in local dishes and tested with food aid recipients around the world from Africa to Asia to the Americas with extremely positive reviews .Our in -depth field research in Liberia and Guinea-Bissau has shown herring to help malnourished and food -insecure people of all ages ,improving their nutrition profiles beyond anyone´s greates expectations .It is like no other product available in international food aid programs ,as it delivers concentrated .high-quality marine protein and omerga -3 fatty acids sorely lacking in the diets of food aid recipients .

The Alaska Global Food Aid Program has moved canned herring into federal food aid and nutrition programs ,with new specifications placing it firmly on the United States Departaments of Agriculture list of products available for both domestic and international food aid and disaster relief.

ASMI has partenered with several Alaska seafood industry members over the last six years to guide this research and development project out of the harbor .Ocean Beauty Seafoods, Trident Seafoods, Icicle Seafoods ,North Pacific Seafoods and Cooper River Seafoods have all played a part , from providing the raw product to marketing and processing .

Developing new products and building a viable market for those products is a long-term ,expensive ,and therefore risky ,undertaking .Even though the worldwide market for herring products is very mature and large ,Alaska´s geographical positioning in relation to those markets puts us at an extreme disavantage given the high costs of freight and energy .

North Pacific Seafoods has figured out how to get beyond these challenges and has been processing Togiak herring in Bristol Bay this spring into fillets for a commercial market .The Herring Development  Project helped to facilitate this by loaning our unique herring processing machinery to their operation in Naknek ,Alaska .What North Pacific Seafoods has done this spring is a first in Alaska and a great step forward toward bringing Alaska herring to a new market .

After producing a large ammount of wild Alaska herring fillets ,North Pacific Seafoods will produce enough canned product for the Alaska Global Food Aid Program to share with interested members of the worldwide food aid market ,and will also supply the Alaska herring fillets for this year´s Northwest Herring Week in Seatle.


In summer of 2015 , a handful of restaurants and retail establishments in Seatle started a Herring Week promotion ,where well-known restaurants served wild herring in innovative ways ,introducing the greater Seatle area to its culinary diversity beyond traditional salted and pickled dishes .Highlighting wild Alaska herring as a previously underutilized species holds promise as savvy seafood diners look to diversify their intake of lesser-known fish in an effert to ease pressure off more mainstream seafood offerings .

In 2016 ,this promotion will extend to 40 or more restaurants and will again offer a creative assortment of menus featuring Alaska herring fillets that are produced in Alaska .

Alaska had the vision to support this project ,and as research and development goes ,positive progress has been made in a relatively short period of time .If the industry can add to these early accoplishments and consumers can continue to develop a preference for herring ,Alaska fishermen and their communities ,from Nome to Metlakatla ,will see the economic growth that was envisioned at the very beginning of this project.



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Challenges with warming oceans

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges in fisheries management .Temperature increases are of concern of many reasons ,including ocean acidication and species distribution .


Nowhere are those changes hapening more rapidily than in the Arctic .Bering Sea ice is gradually moving farther and farther north .The models we´ve run suggest that within the next 50 years we´re going to see at leat a 40 percent reduction of pollock in the Bering Sea .Pollock is the largest fishery by volume in the USA.

Another example is from New Bedford ,Mass ,which has the highest value of landings of any U.S port .Seventy-eight percent of the landings there are scallops ,which are vulnerable to acidification .

This is concerning news to fishermen and the coastal communities they call home.If you have a community with access to a diverse mix of fish stocks ,it may be less vulnerableto climate change than if it is focus is on one stock that is particulary vulnerable to the effects of ocean acidification or a warming ocean .


Through the development of our National Climate Science Strategy and our Ecosystem -Based Fishery Management Policy ,NOAA Fisheries is preparing for these changes and developing frame-works to provide scietific advice to help decicion makers adress challenges of managing fisheries in a changing climate as well as help forecast and mitigate potential adverse changes .

What are your views regarding the warming oceans and the global warming ?

Please share your opinions here and let us know what you think , what authorities should do and when !

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$1.2m available for aquaculture research

The U.S Departament of Agriculture (USDA)has announced more than $1.2m in available funding to support the developement of environmentally and economically sustainable aquaculture in the US.The aquaculture reseach become more and more popular in the US and the rest of the world .

aquaculture research

The funding is available through the Aquaculture Research Program ,which focuses on projects that directlly adress major challenges to the US aquaculture industry .

Results of the projects supported by this program are intended to help improve the profitability of the US aquaculture industry ,reduce the US trade deficit ,increase domestic food security ,provide markets for US produced products ,increase domestic aquaculture business investment opportunities and provide more jobs for rural and coastal America .

Although US aquaculture production has shown grown in the past decade ,the US curerently still has an aproximately $12 bn trade deficit in seafood products and import more than 90 % of seafood consumed.

An university who is dedicated to study aquaculture is the The University of Maine .The diverse portofolio include entire aquaculture value chain ,research and applied .

The US economy is the last half of the year 2016 has increse creating better jobs for the population .Also an important role of the better economy has the leaders of the USDA and the voices of the small farmers and businesses.

Nanotechnology has the potential to mitigate pathogens , also the nanotechnology is an innovation of our century and now is used in the aquaculture business for some time ,fighting the battle with the microbes ,lowering antibiotic use,while making the fish farming more sustainable and more safe and secure .


Rather than create new organisms ,the researchers made the changed with the existing organisms.Scientists who are involved in the food nanotechnology put together the molecules to create foods with a longer shelf life and even taste better .

The scientiest also research the nanomaterials for the virus they contain.The official governments ,investors and reserachers are looking forward of these studies.


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Simple Methods To Help You Manage Credit Cards

If used the right way, credit cards could cause you to have perks that could get you a free vacation, like vacations and low-stress finances. Other people who fail to use credit cards may charge their vacation expenses and end up with a hefty bill. Keep on reading to learn how you can be smart and get the most from the use of your credit cards.

credit cards

It is a good idea to have two or three different credit card. This can build up a credit score, but remember these cards should be paid in full monthly. However, if you open more than three, a lender may think that looks bad when pulling up your personal credit bureau report.

You want to stay away from both late charges as well as over limit ones. Both are high fees and going over your limit can put a blemish on your credit score. Be very careful to never spend above the limit on your credit limit.

Avoid the urge to lend your credit card to someone. Even if the friend is a very good one and they are really in need of the card, do not loan them your card. It can lead to large fees if your friend should put more than you had authorized them to.

Keep an eye on the status of your credit score. Most creditors think of 700 as the cut off limit for determining a good credit. Use your credit properly to maintain this level, or if you’re not there, to reach that level. Once you have a credit score of around 700 or more, you will end up with great credit offers.

Never give out your credit card information to anyone who calls or emails you. Many dishonest people use this ploy. Only give you credit card company when you have contacted. Never give your credit information to someone who has called you. No matter who a caller says they represent, don’t know truly know their identity.

Have a running list with credit card numbers and lender’s emergency phone numbers. Put it in a secure location like a safe box at a bank, in a place that is separate from where you keep your credit cards.The list will prove invaluable if you lose your cards or stolen card.

Know the credit card laws to ensure that have been enacted in recent years. Credit card companies are prohibited from imposing retroactive rate increases, as an example.They are also not allowed to do any double-cycle billing schedules either. The two major legislative changes recently are the CARD Act and the Fair Credit Billing Act.


Check your old credit card accounts and cancel cards you don’t use. Closing old accounts can use them fraudulently. You can even close accounts that have balances if you don’t want to use them anymore.You can pay keep paying down the balance until there is nothing left to repay.

You can benefit from a credit card even if it does not offer you any type of rewards. Using a card unwisely in any circumstance is going to lead to long-term problems. It’s not hard to stay on top of your credit, but it will require knowledge and dedication. Try to use what you learned to keep your credit under control.

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Want To Become An Affiliate Marketer?

You want to become an affiliate marketer ?You will have to come up your marketing techniques to stand out from the competition. Yet, even with all the differences from company to company, some things remain true to form that earn good profits and that information is listed below.


It is vital that you nor your affiliate partners take advantage of this process. This will just cause irritation to your site visitor. It could even break customer-tracking chains and spread viruses.

You should always be honest when practicing affiliate marketing. Your loyal visitors will often be inspired to help you if they are kept informed of your motivations for affiliate marketing.

Try advertising through many affiliate programs that have the same target audience. Using several related sites for you affiliate marketing program offers your visitors a greater range of choices.

You want to pick an affiliate company that are always churning out products. You generate more affiliate revenue by working with businesses that create a larger variety of products which are interesting to your consumers. Avoid one-trick ponies and fad products.

You’ll need to find new customers because they’ll keep unsubscribing.

Some affiliate websites are better than others. You will find that some sites are frustrating or just difficult to navigate. A proactive webmaster would never allow poor affiliate sites to harm their site. This practice will build a trust bond with their visitors and make sales.

Don’t select an affiliate program without thinking it through; choose affiliates that make sense given your audience will be and what their needs are. This helps you to drive traffic and help these people find the products they need.

Consider the use of paid advertising to get a jump start on your affiliate marketing. Ads that target keywords related to your site.

affiliate marketer1

Look for affiliate companies with a high ratio of customers to visitors. Use a guideline to determine if the conversion ratio.

It is vital to see statistics for your site in real time statistics. They give you see visitor and how many bought something.

One great strategy to use is to have a deadline for purchase on purchases. When visitors feel time pressure, they might just jump on it. This is an excellent strategy to boost your sales.

These types of methods are employed for a reason: they provide results and pull in the intended customer. All that you need to propel your efforts is to determine what customizations your approach may require.

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These Tips Will Help You With Acne For Good

Acne isn’t just for anyone of all ages are plagued by acne. This article will show you a number of acne tips.

People that have acne want to pop their oil-filled acne. If they are sore or extremely bothersome and you feel you need to pop them, make sure that your hands and nails are clean and sanitized to avoid causing your skin further damage by adding more bacteria to the open pore.


One important method for protection against acne is not picking at your skin. Popping your pimples can lead to spreading the bacteria around that causes acne. Picking at acne blemishes can cause scars if you continuously pick a blemish.

Try avoiding makeup at all to eliminate it. It is tempting to put makeup on to cover it, but it tends to cake and clog pores.Staying away from makeup may clear up the best way to keep your pores clean and healthy.

Do not put yourself in stressful situations if you can to avoid high-stress situations.Stress may not be a direct cause of acne breakouts, but it can make it worse.

Don’t create  cream at one time. Many people panic and use many different products at once hoping something will have more effect then one individually.The creams have different chemicals that can greatly damage your skin if they are mixed together.

Changing your bed sheets frequently can have a surprising positive effect on your skin troubles. These oils transfer onto your pillowcases and sheets as you sleep. Then they can transfer them back to your skin. Wash your bed sheets regularly to prevent this.

Try using natural skin products to help you get rid of the problem. Many skin care products contain harsh chemicals that can just exacerbate your skin issues. This causes blocked pores and making you breakout even more. Natural products with antibacterial properties that can aid your skin in healing.


Garlic purges toxins from your system and helps new skin. You can incorporate garlic into your diet through garlic salt or taking garlic as an accent to your dishes.

Zinc is a good supplement to help you fight acne because it is an antioxidant that helps fight free radicals from forming under the skin. Cystic disease can be reduced to a few bumps by taking zinc everyday.

As you already read,  affects people from every age group. An effective skin care strategy is required if you want to have a beautiful, pimple-free complexion.