Ternut squash is among the most famous winter squash vegetables. This squash is usually cultivated under hotter climates of South and Central American regions for their edible fruits, flowers, as well as seeds. Often in the markets, butternut can be identified as a large pear shaped, golden yellow squash instead of squash.

butternut squash

The butternut plant is monoecious as in pumpkins, and features unique male and female flowers which require honeybees for effective fruiting. Externally, butternut is a large sized fruits featuring upper long, thick neck attached to pear shaped lower base. The fruits varies widely in its shape and size, with individual fruits might weighing up to 15 kg.

The fruit’s distinctive golden yellow colour comes from yellow color phenolic pigments in their skin and pulp. Ternut squash seeds are eaten as nutritious snacks in that they contain 35-40% oil and 30% protein. Ternut squash composes of several vital poly phenolic anti oxidants and vitamins. Squash is among the common veggies that frequently recommended by dieticians in the cholesterol controlling and weight reduction programs.

Butternut pumpkin knew plenty of natural poly phenolic flavonoid compounds like an and -carotenes, cryptoxanthin-, and lutein. Ternut squash seeds are a great source of dietary fiber and monaural unsaturated fatty acids that benefit for heart health.

As being a winter squash member, butternuts might be easily available in the United States markets from Sept till the center of December. Purchase well grown whole pumpkin in place of its sections. Once at home, well ripen squash might be stored for many weeks in cool, humid free, well ventilated place at room average temperature. As in pumpkins, some hybrid squash varieties are usually subjected to insecticide powder or spray. Whenever possible, buy long neck butternut fruits as it contains more meat and fewer empty cavity and seeds. Cut the stem end and slice the whole fruits into two equal halves.


Virtually all the portions of the butternut squash plant, fruits, leaves, flowers, and seeds are edible. As being a member of pumpkin family, butternut squash has a pleasant nutty flavour and mildly sweet taste. Fresh raw butternut cubes might add special tang to vegetable salads. In Mexico, butternut squash bisque with added fruits, herbs or sea food is a favored appetizer. Roasted and tossed butternut squash seeds may be utilized as snacks.

As in pumpkins and zucchini, squash flowers too might be stuffed with cheese or added in soups. Ternut squash has no known reported cases of allergy, and can be safely utilized in pregnancy and in nursing mothers. As being a member of cucurbita, some fruits might carry cucurbitacin toxin.

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