Casseroles feed large groups, they’re spending budget friendly and easy to make. You could readily use left over meat and other ingredients in your casserole, which likewise saves time and money and you could additionally serve your casserole in the same dish you cooked it in, saving clean up.


Here are several tips for making the perfect casserole dishes. The most flexible  dish it is the 13×9 rectangular dish. Casserole dishes are also made of 8×8 inches, which carries about 8 cups and is advantageous to a pair or a smaller family. In addition, it is useful for cooking recipes like cornbread or smaller cakes. 11×7 inches – carries 10 cups 9×9 inches – carries 10 cups 1 quart – carries 4 cups 2 quart – carries 8 cups 3 quart – carries 12 cups. One spending budget friendly formula idea is to make a big casserole and freeze the left overs.

Place your casserole in a container which will go to the oven or the refrigerator to save clean up and mess. Let your casserole to cool completely before investing in the freezer. Place your cooked food to the refrigerator or fridge at within 2 hours of taking it out from the oven so bacteria does not start brewing. Cover it tightly before placing to the freezer. If you are placing toppings on it, like cheese or chips, leave these off the part you’ll freeze and add them whenever you remove from the refrigerator to cook. Use your frozen casserole within 2-4 weeks for maximum freshness plus taste.


Defrost in the fridge not the counter top for food safety. They are simple to make ahead and simply pop into the oven whenever you get home from work. Just allow about fifteen minutes extra cooking time therefore all elements have time to warm up from the frig. Most of them may be baked at 350 degrees for about one hour, depending on whether your meat was cooked prior to adding it to your formula. In the event that you like crunchy toppings add pine nuts or alternative chopped nuts.

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