Wherever cherry wine is made – it is tasted and talked about – and apparently in glowing terms, too, since the demand is increasing at a rate that is unusually high for the wine business. The cherry wine is popular in Europe , but not only .The demand is increased in the USA  and in Asia .Every year, Leelanau Cellars has made and sold more cherry wine than the year before – about 25% per year, which is much higher compared to the typical growth in consumption of grape wines.

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If that sounds like a lot, just a few miles through Grand Traverse Bay, Chateau Grand Traverse makes six times that amount – just as much as 216, 000 bottles of cherry wine annually, accounting for a full 25 percent of its annual wine production.

Direct shipping of wine is a legal trend that’s freeing up wineries from shore to shore to make their regionally popular styles available beyond the tasting room – pineapple wine from Hawaii, key lime wine from Florida, hard cider apples from Washington, Ollallieberry wine in California may all now be shipped to curious clients in many states throughout the country. Since making wine from whatever fruits is available and in season is just as old as making wine with grapes, the European Union’s definition that restricts wine is simply a contrivance of politics which has absolutely nothing to do with reality.

Also like Wine. That’s, the distinction between Welch’s grape juice and wine is much like the distinction between cherry juice and cherry wine. Obviously any particular wine gets a lot of its flavour from the fruits being used to make it, but the wine that results is a lot more complicated – in any number of ways – as a consequence of the winemaking process. As Michigan’s cherry wine industry took off with the growth of its commercial wine industry in the eighties, it was still a Local drink, due to restrictive shipping laws. Exactly like grape wine, cherry wine is made dry, semi dry and sweet.

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Sweet cherry wines are more full fruits flavored and bold, sometimes even fortified with extra alcohol to make a port or liqueur style of wine. Cherry wine that is sold by award-winning wine growers today is made on creative terms, and each style, approach and recipe is distinctive from the next. Occasionally cherry wine is varietal – all or mostly based on a single kind of cherry, along with other cherry wines are mixtures of different cherries. Beyond that, cherry wines may also be blends of cherry wine, or cherry juice, with crisp, clean whites like Riesling.

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