Christmas season is fast approaching hence people are already busy shopping for Christmas items and stuffs that are needed in the celebration. Across the world, large numbers of Christmas market provides great selections of gift items from handcrafts and to traditional stuffs. Christmas market serve as a convenient and essential place where you can do shopping activities.

To give you an idea with the best market where you can shop Christmas gift and stuffs, here are the lists of the top and commonly chosen Christmas markets in the world so you can completely combine exciting shopping experience with fun stay in any of these markets.

  • Holiday Market at The Columbus Circle



New York is a magical city which becomes very captivating during the Christmas season. It is a colorful market which is completely filled with twinkling lights and stalls of huge numbers of Christmas gifts as well as holiday decorations you are in need of. It is located at the intersection area of the Central Park South and the Central Park West in New York.

  • Wiener Christkindmarket


Dating back in 13th century, one of the most popular Christmas market in Vienna Austria is the Wiener Christkindmarket. This market has over 140 stalls that offers toys for children, Christmas ornaments and may others. There are also food stalls that provide fortifying wines, delicious and roasted chestnuts and many other seasonal treats for Christmas. This market is located at the Rathusplatz in Vienna Austria.

  • Budapest Christmas Fair


One of the most popular Christmas market in Europe is the Budapest Christmas Fair. This is commonly visited by thousands of people every Christmas season. This features wide array of wooden stalls where they are selling homemade Christmas items and other ornaments. They are also selling different types of foods for Christmas that can always suit the taste of your tongue. This market is primarily located at Vorosmarty Square in Budapest, Hungary.

  • German Christmas Market


This Christmas market is primarily established in the year 2002 at the Odori Park in Sapporo Japan. This features different types of stall that offers wide selection of decorations, foods, and gift items that is suitable for Christmas season. There are also Christmas themed activities that may be witnessed in this market.

  • Winter Wonderland




This is a German style Christmas market that is located at the Hyde Park in England. This market has 40 wooden stalls that offer holiday decorations and gift items. There are also handmade items that are offered in this market along with the different types of foods that is best for the Christmas season. This market can provide you exciting and fun shopping experience since there are also activities that may be seen in this place and tourist attraction such as the big wheel, outdoor ice rink and a lot more.

These are just some of the numerous Christmas markets around the world that you should not miss to visit. Each Christmas market offers unique and creative Christmas stuffs and items that arouse interest and attention of the people. The presence of such type of Christmas market around the world is very essential especially to those people who are really fond of shopping activities during the Christmas season.


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