Are you planning to prepare traditional foods this Christmas season, yet you’re hesitant because you are not aware as to what particular type of food you are going to prepare? Well, worry no more as there are already huge numbers of Christmas traditional food that you may prepare depending on the culture and tradition of the country you are residing. The following countries highlights taster and delicious foods that you may prepare this Christmas season and these are as follows:

  • Austria


Austrians Christmas traditional food with supper of carp which is simmered in beer flavored and ginger sauce in line with seasonal vegetables. This is matched with topfenpalatschinken as their desert which is a sweet cheese crepes completely topped with the caramel sauce of apricot. Apart from that they are also roasting goose as part of the tradition of the country.

  • Australia



Australian people’s traditional foods during the Christmas season is composed of roast turkey with pork or ham. They are also preparing Christmas pudding with mince pies.

  • Bulgaria


Traditional Bulgarian Christmas food is composed of twelve different types of meat free cuisines. This includes nuts, dried fruits, and beans, cakes, spinach filo parcels or the Banitza.

  • Brazil


If you opt to celebrate Christmas season in Brazil, you need to prepare ham, pork, chicken and turkey since there are the popular meats in the place. You may also prepare for dried fruits, rice and salad as part of the celebration.

  • Czech Republic


The main Christmas course during the Christmas season in Czech Republic includes potato salad that includes mayonnaise, peas, carrots, onions, celery, pickles and eggs. They are also preparing linzer which is a sweet vanilla flavored with delicacies as their dessert.

  • Ukraine


In Ukraine, Christmas traditional foods include borscht and different types of fish dishes. They also prepare dried fruit which is topped with crushed seeds of poppy and honey.

  • Spain


Spanish Christmas highlights Christmas pudding and all other types of sweets. One of the most popular Christmas foods they are preparing is turron which is nougat primarily made from honey and toasted almonds which is somewhat similar to nut brittles.

  • Scandinavia


Christmas foods in Scandinavia focus more on sweets rather than savory dishes. They used to prepare pepparkakor or gingerbread biscuits with cinnamon of different shapes. These are traditionally baked and serve during the Christmas season.

  • Greece


Traditional food in Greece during the Christmas season is the Christopsomo or the Christ bread.

  • France


In France, traditional foods they are preparing for Christmas season varies depending on the culture and tradition of their culture. Some are fond of preparing foie gras and oysters for their Christmas meal whereas others are preparing goose. Other regions in the place like the Burgundy include turkey, chestnut stuffing and cranberry sauce. They are also preparing Christmas pudding as well as mince pies. But to make it more festive and traditional, they are preparing sweet pastries along with petit fours.


Christmas traditional foods that are commonly prepared by people in celebration for the birth of Jesus Christ vary depending on culture and traditions. There are instances wherein the food you are preparing are not the traditional foods prepared by other countries. Although great difference on the foods are observed but still happiness and joy in the celebration will always be evident knowing the true essence of Christmas is not determine with the food you prepared but with the love and joy you are sharing.


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