Create natural home made decorations to get Christmas including those to get tree decorating, although decorations don’t have at go on trees to be enjoyed throughout the holiday season. Pick up items like twigs, seed pods and fallen evergreen branches out of your own garden or local park to make natural decorations and make use of them on a natural themed Christmas tree or along with commercial decorations. Natural twig decorations could be converted to stars or wreaths dependant on the size of the twigs. Create star decorations by ordering twigs in a star form and tying the pieces together with vacation themed decoration.

Christmas tree

Loop and tie a decoration around the top of the decoration to hang it on the tree, bigger star ornaments could even be made as stand alone Christmas ornamentation. Turn thin twigs together in a circle to sort a wreath and use ribbon to maintain the twigs together. Then add hot adhesive where needed for additional security if desired, and use hot adhesive to attach vacation coloured sequins and beads to the wreath. Dried red berry may be utilized in place of sequins and beads to get a much more natural look. Use dried fruits and nuts as Christmas decorations, like dehydrated apple, orange and pear slices, and walnut and Brazil nuts.

Paint the decorations or leave them as is, use sparkle paints or adhesive as well as spray paints in vacation colours like red, green, white and gold. Push pin ornament hangers throughout the tops of nuts and fruits for hanging them on your tree, although Brazil nuts might need to be displayed in vacation dishes if you can’t push the pin through. Evergreen divisions may be cut to about 4 and 5 inches to be used as holiday decorations. Bind the sparser ends of the limbs together to create a splayed triangular development, use art cable to maintain the limbs together.


Tie a decorative ribbon at the top of the cable and use hot adhesive to attach vacation themed beads and embellishments to the limbs or dust them with sparkle spray, although you may also leave them as is. Use another bit of art wire as your decoration hook to complete the project. You may also use this project to make large Christmas wreaths. Assorted types of seed pods may be utilized as natural Christmas decorations including moonflower and lotus seed pods.

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