Curry lamb is a speciality originally from Asia .As a small fella growing up on the isles I remember lamb not being an extremely common choice when it came to meats we make. Back then and now is still is the champ with regards to an excellent curry. With versions on the formula itself, you will get curry goat cooked on only about every island in the Caribbean as well as on the menu in every Caribbean eatery outside the Caribbean.

curry lamb

If you do not have grape tomato, use 1 medium tomato chopped. If you do not have SHADO Use Goods 2 tablespoon chopped cilantro. For the gluten-free diet version of the lamb curry, do ensure that the curry powder you use doesn’t contain any flour or it’ll not meet with your gluten-free diet dietary needs.

Wash and pat the lamb chops dry with paper towels, then heat the oil in a deep\/heavy sauce pan on med\/high heat. Add the chops, so that they brown on every side for several minutes. Turn the warm down to low and add a tbsp more oil if needed. Toss in the diced shallot, smashed garlic and grate the ginger directly to the pot. Let Bake it on low to get about 3 minutes so you get this fantastic flavour foundation. Now put in the curry powder as well as cook for a few minutes. You are going to be hit by a terrible tsunami of flavours at this stage.

Now put in back the browned chops and if there is a liquid from them. Go around the pan to use and pick up a number of that curry foundation we created. Now toss in the chopped shado beni, scotch bonnet pepper, scallions, thyme as well as pepper. Give it a great stir, then put in the salt, coconut milk and water. Turn the heat up so that you may bring it to a boil, then reduce the warm to very low so you’ve a gentle simmer.


Cover the pot and allow that cook for about 1.5 hours or till the lamb is tender as well as falling off the bones. Here is where you might need to personalize this dish a little. When the gravy is as thick as you need, toss in the chopped parsley as well as the grape tomato, turn off the warm as well as cover the lid to get about 3 minutes. The tender pieces of this lamb cooked in the coconut curry sauce may be outstanding as a side to get roti, ground provisions, rice, dumplings or something as simple as a side salad.

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