A dusty field in Dresden provided the backdrop to Deutz Fahr´s latest product launch , which included new and updated 6 and 7 Series tractors


More than just an engine update to meet the latest round of emission legislation ,Deutz Fahr has been busy fettling its six-cylinder 6 Series tractors and given them a comprehensive overhaul .A completely new transmision , front suspension design and a new integated front linkage are just a few areas in which the Lauingen engineeers have been busy.

Comprising six main models , spanning 156-212 hp , the series gains three extra models to cater for the diverse customer base in the power bracket .


Deutz Fahr

In addition ,the modular design and build concept of this series reflects the wide specification levels this tractor has to meet .According to the manufacturer , this allows customers to better tailor tractors to their requirements.


It is the transmission departament which sees the lion´s share of change .Working with long -time transmission partener ZF , the 6 Series can now be specified with a brand new, five-range , six powershift  transmission , offering 30 forward gears and 15 reverse.


Two specification levels of transmission are available .Entry level PS spec uses a mechanical lever to change range and buttons to switch powershifts , while the new RC Shift option uses a joystick to change gear and allows full automation of transmission .

RC Shift can be operated using one of three driving modes:manual , semi-auto or fully automatic .Start-up gears can also be programmed , a working range of gears can be selected and transmission can be limited to just automatically changing within a range .

As before , Deutz´s TTV continuously variable transmission is still available .

Deutz Fahr is a brand that invests a lot of energy and talent in their technology .The goal of the Deutz Fahr is to supply the farmer with the necesary tools and to be able to have a beautiful crop at the end of the season .


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