Periodically, chutney that differentiation in taste can be served together – a most loved mix might be a green coriander or mint and tamarind chutney.


It’s essential to realize that while making it flavors are included normally in a specific request for better consistency and taste. In south India  they additionally made as powders and are produced using broiled dried lentils.

These powders are for the most part utilized for sprinkling on idlis and dosas. Shelled nut can be made wet or as a dry powder according to the event.

Flavors that are for the most part utilized as a part of it incorporate fenugreek, cumin and asafetida (Hing), other unmistakable fixings incorporates coriander, capsicum, mint, tamarind or imli, tomato, stew (red and green), Mango Chutney, lime, garlic, shelled nut and ginger.

Coconut Chutney Recipe

Coconut chutney is an ordinarily served particularly with Idlis and Dosas. It has an awesome taste and compliments numerous sorts of dishes.

Regular Ingredients incorporates Coconut peeled and ground, chana dal, Indian yogurt/dahi, salt, green chilies, ginger.

For Seasoning we can utilize oil, asafetida, dark mustard seed, red chilies and curry clears out. Curry leaves gives an extraordinary taste to coconut sauce.

•Coconut chutney can be refrigerated for 5-6 days.

Dhaniya Chatney/Coriander Chutney

Hari  is commonly made with green coriander and some different flavors. Hari  is an “absolute necessity” with pakoris and numerous other well known Indian snacks like samosa and aalu tikki.

Basic Ingredients incorporates Chopped green coriander (Dhaniya), Green slashed chilies, ginger, garlic, tomato, cumin seeds, asafoetida (hing) and Salt.

Tips: It’s ideal to slash off thick stems while cleaning coriander (hara dhania).

•Imli  Or Tamarind

This intriguing sweet and harsh chutney can be known as the ketchup of India.


Basic Ingredients incorporates Tamarind glue, sugar, bubbling water, simmered powdered cumin seeds, table salt, dark salt, red stew powder, ground dark pepper and ginger.

One of the first thing regardless while making imli  is to break the tamarind into little pieces and absorb bubbling water for 60 minutes, then pound it into a mash and strain, squeezing the tamarind into the strainer to uproot all the mash and add sugar to the mash. Blend well and include the remaining fixings. Blend and include more sugar, salt or pepper according to taste.

Imli Chutney can be put away in icebox for a few months.


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