Foie gras  is a French delicacy produced from duck or goose liver, it is French to get Fat liver. It is numerous distinct groundwork and there will also be several ways it is advertised so one should be comfortable with a few of them before purchasing it to get the 1st time.

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The very popular mi cuit it is a preparation where the duck or goose liver it is cooked in lower heat. Mi cuit, literally means moderate cooked or lightly cooked, has a somewhat longer shelf life compared to frais or fresh liver. Look closely at best before dates before buying mi cuit.

Other ways to make it in the marketplace can include en conserve, cru, along with other variations. En preserve lasts the longest in storage as they’re poached in high temperature and sterilized.

And on the flip side, frais only lasts about a week in a fridge while mi cuit may remain fresh for a couple weeks, given that the tin or jar it is not opened. Commercial mi cuit and en conserve could be consumed as those happen to be poached ahead. There are other types of foie gras, like entier and bloc de foie gras. Entier consists of 1 or 2 lobes of liver that’s deveined and cooked without adding any preservatives.

Bloc is a mixture composed of ninety percent foie gras, made from pieces of liver and modeled into a block. Entier is less affordable than bloc as it’s made from entire liver or the best cuts. Another thing one should look closely at when buying it, note the type of liver it is made from. Owing to its subtle taste and texture silky, the real stuff is made of goose liver is less affordable. Duck liver is more easily available and is somewhat cheaper.

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Micuit may also refer to the restaurant products or home cooked recipes where fresh liver it is employed and cooked at 80 or so levels for not more than 2 hours.

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