In the United Kingdom, we call them aubergines, but a more common word for all those plump, dark veggies appears to be eggplant. As you will find people from various areas of the world prone to be see this post, let’s go with the more worldwide eggplant for this special Turkish recipe.


Think of any recipe you can create using eggplants as well as the odds are it’s already a recognised dish in Turkish cuisine. The fridge is packed with Turkish meze dishes that we may simply dip into whenever we look like it and this special meze is sat in the refrigerator right now.

Eggplant salads appear in the majority of meze fridges in the eateries of Turkey. They differ from restaurant to restaurant – as well as from area to area – but all use the same fundamental ingredients.

When it comes to the elements, you may play around with the quantities you use as it’s about your individual taste. Arrange your eggplants as well as a number of red peppers on a baking tray as well as place in the oven for between 20 as well as half a hour – till the eggplants have softened. The odor in your kitchen will be amazing.

Once roasted, remove the veggies from the oven as well as leave to cool. Peel and deseed the red peppers, approximately chop them as well as add them to a bowl. Run your knife lengthwise from top to bottom over the eggplant and permit it to fall open. Don’t worry about getting every last one, but remove the all the seeds by lightly scraping a spoon through them while keeping the stalk of the eggplant.


Now scratch the rest of the flesh away from the skin, approximately chop and add to your peppers. Now add salt, crushed garlic, olive oil as well as vinegar. Mix all of the elements together as well as leave to chill in the refrigerator for some time. Once chilled, remove your patlcan salatas from the fridge, gently toast some bread as well as take them all outside.

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