Asia is known not only for its diverse cultures and traditions, but additionally a galore of exotic foods that frequently surprises and astonishes, sometimes not to a positive effect. Exotic foods are “a must ” when you are traveling in Asia .Now to list all the unusual food found in this colorful region will be simply impossible, they’re just too many. Excluding the bizarre situation of having to take a take a take a look at your food in the eye, they’re actually quite attractive for its fatty, jelly like tissue around the eyeballs. Some prefer to eat it raw, albeit the fishy taste, others prefer to steam or fry it alongside garlic or soya sauce to spice it up.


Selling for less than 100 yen in Japan, this is a popular local delicacy worth trying out! Where to find: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, IndonesiaEither you love it or hate it. In certain areas they’re even banned, such is the strong odor which comes from it! The durian has a shell full of tips that you cut open and take out the fruit. Coupled with its distinctive odor, durians are of two Flavors – sweet and bitter. Where to find: India before anyone gags, lamb’s brains are actually pretty mild and not as revolting as you might think. You may enjoy lamb’s brain served in various concoction – fried with tomato, egg, garam masala or plain.

Where to find: Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam walk along the streets of Sukhumvit, Bangkok and you will discover a whole new variety of Thai gourmet. From restaurants to street stalls, the myriad of food will leave you bedazzled. From delight to shock comes street stalls offering delicacies like scorpions, beetles, grasshoppers, frogs, usually fried. White ant eggs soup are probably one of the weirdest choice out from the rest, but they taste surprisingly good. The soup comes along with a combination of eggs, half embryos and baby ants. The eggs are soft and pop gently in your mouth with a wee bit of sour taste.


Where to find: Hong Kong, Taiwan, China as the name suggests, this popular street snack is recognized for its pungent odor, frequently likened to trash or manure. Despite an odor that turns many people away, even for its enthusiasts, stinky tofu has a light taste and once it tickles your fancy, you might be a fan of it. Where to find: Phillipines ,native to Phillipines, Baluts are half fertilized duck or poultry eggs boiled with its shell. The Balut is a popular local dish eaten through the Phillipines, believed to be an aphrodisiac and considered a high protein, hearty snack.

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