Metaldehyde slug pellet applications made this autumn will be the last ahead of a Government review of future use of the active ingredient in spring 2017 – a year earlier than originally planned .With metaldehyde continuing to be detected during water qaulity sampling ,it now seems likely growers in high risk on the use of the slug control  active .


Water companies were originally due to report their progress on tackling metaldehyde contamination of water-courses to the Government´s Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) in March 2018 , but that date has now been moved forward by 12 months as a result of changes to the water industry planning timetable .

The news comes at a critical point in the agriultural timetable for slug pellet applications , as growers seek to protect establishing crops this autumn .Speaking at a briefing organised by the slug pellet manufactures´Metaldehyde Stewardship Group (MSG) ,DWI deputy chef inspector Milo Purcell acknowlegded the progress made by the MSG,water companies and farmers and advisers in devising and implementing initiatives to reduce levels of metaldehyde in water .


Still being detected

But the active ingredients was still being detected at levels above the very strigent standard set by the Drinking Water Directive .

Mr Purcell said :” Little progress has been made in reducing metaldehyde in raw water at  a national level .Outcomes are not being delived .In terms of where we are now , we have to look at the agricultural industry to up its game .”

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