Fennel as a protection against evil might remain unproven, but through history it’s been utilized as an efficient treatment for any number of ailments. The  history goes back to Pliny, the Ancient Rome author of The Naturalis Historie. He considered that serpents ate and rubbed against fennel as it managed to improve their eyesight after shedding their skins. Following that observation, Pliny considered it was so strong that he used the fragrant herb to treat 22 distinct ailments. In our queer history timeline, you get to the 1300 s. We know that this plant had been a staple in the house of King Ed I of England.


His wardrobe account books from 1281 listed a purchase of 8 1/2 pounds of this plant seeds – a month’s supply. Why so much?  The plant seed was utilized as a condiment and a hunger controller. On Church mandated Fastying dayes the faithful used it to get throughout the day, a custom brought to the US by the Puritans. They’d bring handkerchiefs with it , seed to munch on during long solutions to stave off hunger, which led to the plant seeds frequently being referred to as meetin seeds’. During middle ages times, evil spirits were believed to roam freely as the sun turned southwards.


This plant , when hung over doorways, was believed to defend those in from the spirits. Fennel seeds inserted into keyholes were believed to defend a dwelling from ghosts on any night, but particularly Midsummer’s Eve. Hippocrates proposed fennel could help wet nurses to improve their milk supply. A contrary opinion led to the original saying that Sowing fennel is sowing grief that predicted catastrophe to anyone giving out fennel. In the mid 15th Century, it had been said of fennel. The juice of fenell put in a mans eares, killeth the wormes therein. When steeped into a tea it had been considered that fennel had been also a treatment for weight reduction. The Greeks called it Marathron which is based on a word meaning to lose weight.

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