No other veggies and also no fruits. If you do not like fish you could replace it with poultry or perhaps a lean steak. For breakfast and in the mid-day beverage the protein shake and eat when you like your cabbage soup. For lunch, dinner as well as for breakfast – as frequently as you just like – fish, grilled or steamed jointly with tomatoes. Tomatoe Codfish Filet 150 g codfish filet3 tomatoes1 tablespoon hacked fresh herbs1 hacked garlic glove2 teaspoon lemon juice2 teaspoon olive oilsalt and pepper. Heat oven at 200 levels, wash codfish and dry. Put tomato on it, add pepper and salt, garlic and herbs.

fish soup1

Today you could add to your soup additionally some shrimps or poultry breast. The cabbage soup version with shrimps I make even today – it tastes delicious – just like a gourmet soup. Or how about a large steak with tomato and zucchini? As said above, if you do not like fish replace it now with a lean steak – Does not it look delicious on the image below? A tomato is a fruit from Paradise, that helps with its potassic to detox the body according to many reports. Wash fresh tomato, remove shaft, and cut in slices. Prepare it on a plate, fall 1-2 tsps aceto balsamico and ONE teaspoon olive oil on it as well as garnsih with fresh basil leaves.

fish soup2

Wash fresh tomato, remove shaft, cut in thick pieces. In addition following your cabbage soup diet week it might be a great thought to add fish foods to your weekly nutrients. Fish suppplies important protein – and that can help your body burning fat. Seefish is full of omega 3 fatty acid, which protects your heart as well as your nerves. It provides you also the required iodine for hormones that help keep you slim.

You do not like fish bones and that is why you hate fish? Here are a few examples: hake, walleye, bass and sole.

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