As soccer fans start to rain down on Brazil for the Olympic games, they need to know exactly what to eat without spending a fortune. Many individuals do not know how expensive it can be-in So Paulo a meal at a decent restaurant can run $50 per person, but fortunately there’s plenty of good and inexpensive food in Brazil. Street food and junk food are tasty, inexpensive and clean options.


The following inexpensive eats can be found at feiras or botecos, both of that are worth a try because they give a peek at authentic life in Brazil. Now this is a common snack in Brazil and may be found both in street stalls and in small pastel shops. Brazilian style hotdogs are very different from American hotdogs due to the toppings. A common way to eat them is with mashed potatoes, but the variety of toppings gives you a lot to select from, including vinaigrette, fried shoestring potatoes, and corn. These are four of the most famous snack foods in Brazil.

Coxinhas are pear shaped fried snacks with shredded poultry inside. Esfiha is a Middle East food which was brought to Brazil by immigrant groups from Lebanon and Syria. Acaraj is a typical dish from the state of Bahia in northeastern Brazil. This dish was brought to Brazil from Africa by slaves and is typically served by Bahianas, women from Bahia who wear a white dress and a headdress, which makes them easy to spot in street markets. Although acaraj is from the northeast of Brazil, it is simple to find in cities throughout the country. Cashews, Brazil nuts and peanuts are the most typical types of nuts sold, and cashews and peanuts are extremely common snacks on the beach.


Obviously, because Brazil is a tropics country, a big variety of fruits is available. You may easily buy boxes of inexpensive fruits, like mangoes, bananas, and guavas, at markets and even on street corners. Three of the most typical drinks sold on the streets of Brazil are fruits juices, caldo de cana, and gua de coco. The flavour of every coconut is somewhat different, some sweeter than others. Always drink coconut water from a coconut, not from a cup, because the machines used to serve coconut water can be dirty. Fruit juices in Brazil are amazing-my favorites are caju, laranja com acerola, and the tart cupuau. The latter is one of many fruits from the Amazon that are utilized to make juices.

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