The growing consumerism as well as a fast paced lifestyle possess led to a larger interest in packaged and processed food. The challenge most food processing units confront now is to make food items that have minimal number of substances and additives yet possess optimum appeal and shelf life. This has raised the interest in food technologists in the food processing sector. Food technology became a successful career choice for the talented children, thanks to an increasing interest in packaged and processed food. The main job of the food technologist is to control the raw materials, keep clean and hygiene conditions and quality of the food.

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They analyze the food, actions tests for contamination along with adulteration along with certify the nutritional value of food. The food technologist should formulate improved approaches for processing, preservation and maintenance of food items. They also have to analyze current consumer trends and latest technology to develop new merchandise ideas. Food technology is the study of production, storage, maintenance, canning, packaging and submission of food products.

It covers all regions of food processing and includes all kinds of foods like meat, fruits, veggies, cereals, fish, egg, dairy, spices etc. Aspiring food technologists must possess a scientific fold of brain, power of declaration, intellect and an interest in wellness and nourishment.

They have to be able to work nicely as part of a team and should have powerful rhetoric abilities. A real fascination with the scientific and technical improvement of food and high expectations of cleanness are other essential traits. Candidates who’ve studied physics, math, chemistry, and biology at the 10+2 degree may seek entrance to short term certification and diploma courses in food technology.

Students who’ve done B.Sc in physics, arithmetic, biology and chemistry or a in food technology can seek admission to a M.Sc course in food technology. Those who’ve done graduation in home science, nutrition, dietetics along with hotel administration will also be entitled to higher studies in food technology.

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Food technologists with professional qualifications have ample job opportunities. You’ll find jobs with food handling businesses, food research labs, hotels, restaurants, academic facilities, government bodies and catering companies. Public sector enterprises employ food technologists as food inspectors or wellness personnel. With expertise, you can work as perhaps a freelance consultant or wellness practitioner in school\/colleges.

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