In France, Christmas is a wonderful, festive time of year. French Christmas customs share some similarities with another European countries and yet has its own distinguishing ones as well. The lights and festive environment that permeates the nation dispels the early dark days along with cold temperatures. Christmas in France is a thrilling time of year, an excellent non touristy time of year to visit along with excellent concentration into French culture. There are French vacation customs shared by the entire nation and those unique to the areas. Paris at Christmas is an excellent time to visit with all kinds of fun things you can do and see.
The Alps are among the popular places in France for a skiing vacation or they head to the South of France to get hotter climate frequently on or near French Riviera beaches. From the Paris section stores to the smaller city and city stores of France everybody is out and about buying presents for their pals and family members. French supermarkets are provided with food along with delicacies as well as hard goods. French outdoor Christmas markets are available in the centre of villages and towns. They offer hand made presents, flowers, Christmas trees, arrangements and specialty food items. Churches – In houses and churches, the most crucial Christmas symbol  there.

Decorated a couple of days before Christmas along with lit only on December 25. Mistletoe – an old Celtic customs as well as a sign of good luck in France. The Christmas Rose decorates the Christmas table in a few parts of France. An event that even the non Catholics attend, though France is 85% Catholic. Music with French Christmas carols sung beginning at 11pm with Mass starting at 12 Midnight. It is terrific way to brush up on your French along with sing along in church. Traditional Christmas food contains the stuffed goose or turkey. Among the renowned French sweets, the buche de noel is served to get dessert.
To your very own Christmas feast, learn how to do Buche de noel with this simple yule log recipe. Pre Nol is a skinny man with a gray beard carrying just a sack, leading just a donkey that helps him carry the gifts. Among the Christmas customs in France is for the kids leave their shoes under the tree Christmas Eve with just a snack to get Pre Nol and a treat to get the donkey. The morning of Christmas day in France the shoes are hidden under just a heap of presents.

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