Anybody who hears about French cuisine would say that French meals are frequently rich and very savory. French lunch and dinner meals are known to be very gratifying and most individuals who eat at French restaurants do not get to finish the servings provided to them. It therefore comes as a surprise that a traditional French breakfast isn’t as heavy as other European breakfast meals. Dont expect to find sausage, ham, eggs and bacon in a traditional French breakfast. On a normal day, people eat slices of French bread served with jam and/or butter. The baguette or farmhouse bread is a French breakfast staple.

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Children are permitted to eat bread rolls with chocolate filling. During special days like Sundays, families frequently eat freshly baked croissants which are purchased from local bakeries. The usual serving is 2 croissants per person and it isn’t advised to exceed this number because croissants have a high calorie content. Croissants are frequently eaten plain, with jam, or dipped in coffee bowls. Nevertheless, if you wish to be truly French NEVER eat a croissant with butter, because French people never do that. French have always preferred drinking coffee in the mornings, so it’s anticipated that a traditional French breakfast is served with coffee.

Children are permitted to drink hot chocolate or fruits juice instead. Tea is also commonly served in French cafes, although tea is more frequently consumed by tourists visiting France. Since most food experts regard a French breakfast as petit and imbalanced, the French have tried to remedy the situation by adding servings of fruits alongside the bread staples. In winter season, the French prefer to eat preserved fruits for the extra sugar that they need. 3-4 slices of peaches are sufficient for every serving of a traditional French breakfast. Another latest addition to the traditional French breakfast is yoghurt. Concerned about the dietary deficiencies of traditional French breakfast, families are now serves yogurt to help rectify this lack.

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A cup of liquid yoghurt or a bowl of creamy, solid yoghurt can be served plain or with fruits flavors. Ice creams are also served, but only throughout the summer. A traditional English breakfast is the common bacon\/ham and eggs served with toast, jam, and coffee. Some dietary experts regard this breakfast as Too much to take when your body has just woken up. French breakfasts are a lot lighter and are never served with meat. You can’t say that none of those breakfast types are good because one is over nutrient and the other is under nutritious.

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