For starters, let’s keep in mind that Russia, aside from truly being a land of Tsars, Bolsheviks, Revolution, Perestroika and Sputnik is a huge amounts of land. It’s so big it takes almost 1\/6th of total area of all land on Earth. Seemingly, the climate there isn’t always friendly. The majority of the Russia’s land encounters cold weather roughly 7 – 8 months in per year. Which does not leave much for warm loving crops, animals along with other growing or running food that one may procure. Such conditions demanded that prepared food has to be readily maintained and supplied enough energy for individuals to live during prolonged cold months when purchase of food was difficult or not possible.


This has led to dishes like Borsh – hefty vegetable soup with cabbage, beet and, in certain recipes, small pieces of meat, Okroshka – another hefty soup based on kvas or kefir with pre boiled eggs, cucumbers, potato, little blocks of meat, onions as well as a number of additional elements or never known pelmeni – a fine little pack of meat and dough that’s fairly simple to prepare and consume. It is also created a number of dry bites, which are well preserved and typically consumed together with a few type of alcoholic drink as those overly provide high energy increase and produce sense of warmness, needed during cold times.


Being such a vast land, Russia unavoidably happen to be the place where East as well as West would cross their routes. Roads from Asia lead to Europe – all through Russian spaces. Seemingly, getting spices along with other condiments, not customized to original Russian foods, was much simpler business for cooks in Russia, than it had been for Europeans. The truth that this land was a place of many junctions also explains why Russian food has foods comparable to those in numerous different countries. Russian vareniki or pelmeni are extremely comparable to ravioli from the West as well as dumplings from East. The energy amount of Russian dishes energy were, so far, rarely superseded.

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