How does your garden grow? To start growing oregano, you need to know which variety you need to sow. You can’t go wrong growing it, it is clear-cut to cultivate, crop, and consume! Greek type of this herb  is utilized in Mediterranean style cooking.


Wild Marjoram Origanum vulgare, is just popular in French cuisine, it is got a less intense smell and sweeter taste. Distinct types of growing it have purple or pink clusters that bloom in June. This traditional herb grows well in most temperate environments. You might be surprised to discover that this herb  is a person in the mint family. The Greek word oregano means Happiness of the mountain.

This herb  grew like wildfire on the hills in Greece. The shepherds supported the growth for their grazing batches, considering the white flowered herb made the meat soft and delicious. Plant the seeds in an operated bed, and cover gently with well drained land. It’s possible for you to start seeds indoors and transplant when conditions stay above 45 degrees F. This herb doesn’t tolerate cold weather. The plants may be put into window boxes throughout the winter. Do not add compost or fertilizer to the land because it’ll change the taste of the growing herb. When growing it you can allow the earth dry a tad, and after that water lightly.

If you can’t furnish a well drained bed for the plants, attempt growing it in pots instead. Place the oregano plants a foot apart. This flavorful herb needs at least 8 hours of full sun every day. Oregano might grow two foot high, but typically it averages a peak of ten to twelve inches. Don’t use mulch on oregano plants which will retain humidity like wood chips, straw, or grass. Pinch off the flower heads when the plant begins to bloom to give you more oregano salt at harvest time. When the oregano has reached a peak of about five inches, you may start harvesting by grabbing the leaves off the plants.


Cut the growing plant back about 3 inches continually during the season to promote new growth. The most effective medical uses of growing oregano are for respiratory infections, arthritis, glaucoma, and hypertension. For colds or influenza, a small handful of oregano in a quart of boiling water is just a natural remedy. Not only does this aroma-therapy vaporize a head cold, but additionally it leaves the skin soft and moist. Fresh oregano leaves are savory improvements to soup, meats, sauces, salad dressings, and egg dishes. Oregano may be dry and stored or chopped and saved in the freezer.

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