Pita bread is an even better invention than sliced bread. It’s no wonder that this round pocket bread was a staple of the Middle East for 4, 000 years. Pitas have been both a bread and a utensil through the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean serving the function of loaves of bread in wheat centric regions of Europe, Africa and Asia.


From what archaeologists can determine, the pita originated with peoples west of the Mediterranean. It’s not perfectly clear if it was the Amorites or the Bedouins had been the inventors. The farming and desert society correspondingly adopted pitas as their very own.

Its popularity grows as the Bedouin peoples traded and travel through the Arabian and Sahara desert. Originally, the pita was a combination of dough which was let to sit and collect yeast and fresh dough till the discovery that brewers yeast works. In the Middle East, It’s still frequently made in a backyard stove when compared to the store purchased pitas that have spread all over the globe. The history of pitas can only really be valued throughout the taste. The pita though has to be tasted with all the various foods that thrive in or enwrapped by pita. Then you’ll understand that sliced bread is the best invention since pita bread.

It’s a rather simple bread which might be made with limited technologies. Still, the possibilities for packaging, dip or wrap a pita with are almost limitless. If possible, pitas are baked at relatively high temperature and the flat dough expands dramatically forming an interior pocket.

Pitas popularity in the United States is partially attributable to utilizing the pocket like sandwich bread, but a lot of traditional cultures use the pita more like a soft taco, either disregarding the pocket or having a pocketless pita. The pita is taken apart into pieces and immersed in all kinds of sauces. Pitas frequently are the bread of choice for lamb, steak, falafel, and chicken.

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It’s traditionally accompanied by hummus, baba ganoush, tzatziki, or tabouleh. Those are just some of the foods which are historically eaten with pitas. Quite lately, people have come up with recipes that pair pitas with avocado and eggplants. Pita chips, a baked or fried brittle chip made from pita bread, can be eaten with almost every dip imaginable. It’s good source of fiber and protein, with minimal fat.

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