If you’re in the marketplace to start brewing in the home, or if you’ve already started, there are various facets of the process which are worth studying, such as the kind of container you want to use. When you’ve decided between drums and bottles, it still needs to be narrowed down from there. If you choose a home brew bottle on the keg, you’ve the choice of glass, or plastic. The first benefit in using plastic for the home brew bottle is the fact that PET is beneficial in cost, as plastic Is usually less expensive than glass. This is always an advantage for anybody, but especially those who’re starting out in the brewing process.

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The reason is since there are other costs involved with getting started, as you’ll find in every new project. Spending less in areas that will not affect the end result will let a little additional to be spent on several other pieces of gear. It is always good to cut down costs where you’re able to, so long as it does not sacrifice the quality of the item. PET, a material often utilized in an extensive variety of bottles apart from a home brew bottle, can be lighter in weight. This enables for easier handling throughout the brewing process, and also for transferring from one place to another.

Only imagine carrying complete bottles up several flights of stairs. The primary difference in weight between the PET home brew bottle as well as the glass variant is going to make an effect, especially when they’re filled. You could make it simpler on yourself by using plastic. Safety is Beneficial with Using PET. Most likely the most significant difference between the usual PET home brew bottle, as well as one made from glass, is they’re shatterproof. Although this is a significant difference for every day use, think of how valuable it’d be in settings where the bottles can easily break, like the beach, pool, parks, transporting, as well as even storage.


If you’re lounging around the pool, you might enjoy a cold brew without the concerns of your bottle breaking on the concrete with vulnerable bare legs around. A plastic home brew bottle can be far more convenient with regards to storage. Since it is lighter in weight, and more unlikely to shatter, you may store them just about anyplace you can find room. Most of us have limited storage and struggling to find enough room to store something, particularly something as fragile as glass.

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