The war stories abound in this time of the serious downturn in the horse marketplace brought about by the close of the kill plants in the U. As well as the passing of bills by the Congress as well as the states that restrict what you can or can’t do with your horses. There’s still an industry for horses if you’ll do several things. The marketplace for those horses is good or even exceptional. Great riding horses or harness horses are bring very good costs. For several years the cost of horses depended on the cost of cattle. They were more affordable than cows and as such they were appealing to the European marketplace that WOn’t possess the same view of horses as the US.


Actually, during WWII, we ate horse meat as well as didn’t die from it. The wild horses which exist in the Usa today are so far away from the Conquistador horses that there is no actual likeness to them in blood or kind. The wild horse now is the cast off of the horses which the early settlers and ranchers didn’t need or could not use for starters reason or the other. With the falling dollar, dread that there may be an economic downturn and environmental conditions in several areas, horse owners are attempting to sell, give away or otherwise get rid of their horses.

Those are the exact same horses which were supposedly worth a lot of cash a short time ago. The hobby horse breeders continue to produce animals of little or no value as well as flooding a saturated market, driving prices even lower. In case the typical horse owner would attempt to be more innovative and find various ways to market their item as well as reducing the number of horses they produce, they’ll survive the current decline in market conditions. The offshore marketplace which hesitated to invest in US horses before, may and will purchase horses now.


Why? Their dollar will purchase a better horse than before. You can depreciate the horses which you purchase to be used in your plan, farm equipment, trucks, trailers, your computer as well as materials, barns and arenas, and even more. In case, you’ve not noticed, geldings are bring better costs than fire breathing studs, halter broke broodmares as well as people horses under 18 months old. Horses which have some kind of training will bring a better cost irrespective of the market.

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