A hot dogs with bun and condiments costs a seller between 45 and 80 cents to make, contingent upon the provider as well as the quality of the meat. Should you sell that hot dog for $3.25, you have got a markup of approximately 300 percent. These add ons may opt for 50 cents each, plus they give your stand that frankfurter fragrance. Pop and chips come with a fine markup, also, so your profits improve if you sell these alongside hotdogs.
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How do you set an amount for the hot dog? That depends upon volume and location. In case the shopping cart is parked outside a busy office building in an important city, you may charge a more expensive cost than a seller located in a community football field in a little city. Hot dog costs in Major League Baseball arenas average $2.50, which reflects the national average for a seller hot dog. The most inexpensive MLB hot dog will surely cost you a dollar at a Cincinnati Reds game. You will fork over $6.50 at a NY Mets home stand.

Exactly like real estate, selling hotdogs is about location. It is possible to bill a premium if you park the hot dog cart outside a busy place that attracts affluent clients – say New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. It’s not unusual for sellers outside the Met to pay $300, 000 every year in rent to the city. If they are able that, imagine their sales volume as well as profit margin. A brand new, tricked out hot dog shopping cart can run you $6, 000, but a used one goes for under $1, 000. Most carts come with an integrated roaster and steamer.
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You will need to purchase good tasting franks and buns in large quantities to get the best price. Selling a yummy hot dog will assist ensure repeat customers. You will have to adhere to local food, safety and business local regulations to legally sell hotdogs on the street. Every hot dog you sell often means a profit of $1 to $2. Sell 100 dogs in one day at the average cost and you have earned upward of $200.

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