Lobsters sold in the Usa usually are either cold water lobsters or heated water lobsters, and, though they taste comparable, there is a positive change. Chilly water lobsters, also known as Maine lobsters, are dark, often black or brown, occasionally greenish, with two big front claws. Warm water lobsters, occasionally called Florida lobsters, spiny lobsters, or rock lobsters, generally come from the Caribbean or the Gulf of Mexico. Spiny lobsters haven’t got the large meaty claws of the cold water individuals plus they are likely to be tan or orange. Since virtually all the meat is in their tails, whenever you purchase frozen lobster tails you often get warm water lobster tails. There are many ways of cooking lobster , but grilled is the best way.
How to cook a grilled lobster
Cold water lobsters are often sold whole since the claw meat is so incredibly prized. Warm water lobsters could grow to a pound in weight within two to 3 years and might add a pound per year. If you need the succulent claw meat, get fresh, live Maine lobsters that are accessible all year round. A typical 1\/2 pound lobster will have less than one pound of raw tail and claw meat. Don’t worry when there is a bit green algae in the lobster tank. Consistently take a lobster from above by the strong shell on the top half, never by the tail.

How to cook a grilled lobster1
You must cook a live lobster the same day you get it through it’ll stay fresh and alive in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 days if it’s been handled well. Never submerge a salt water lobster in fresh water. This may kill it. If you have to keep it a day or two, put it in a pot so it does not crawl around in the fridge, put about 1\/4 water in the bottom just to keep it moist, and cover it with a damp cloth. Throughout the summer, on the shore of Maine, you may get soft shell lobster, that is a crustacean which has outgrown its hard shell, grown a brand-new tender, shell inside, and after that moulted it is old, outgrown home. You can kill the lobster rapidly and painlessly by pithing it. Then flip it over with its legs in the air, and cut the lobster in two along the mid line. Beginning in 2008 the US Food & Drug Administration issued a warning against eating the tomalley because it is the filter system of the lobster.

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