This home-style yellow mustard formula is an American classic. The writer of this classic condiment formula kindly took the time to clarify a term that’s tossed around rather a lot in recipes yet seldom defined: reactive cookware. When a recipe proposes using nonreactive cookware, you may use glass, enamel, or stainless steel. In case your pots and pans have an aluminum or copper core, that material can be typically encased in a stainless steel shell, so that they really would be considered nonreactive as well. There you’ve it. Keep it in mind whenever you make this home made yellow mustard.


Quick Glance 1 H, 15 M 1 H, 30 M Makes 1 cupIngredients

1 cup cold water

3/4 cup yellow dry mustard

3/4 teaspoon coarse sea salt or kosher salt

1/2 teaspoon ground turmeric

1 teaspoon garlic pure, or 1/8 teaspoon garlic powder

1/8 teaspoon paprika

1/2 cup white distilled vinegar.



1. Put the water, dry the seeds, salt, turmeric, garlic, and paprika in a bit nonreactive casserole and whisk until smooth. Cook the mixture over moderate low to low heat, stirring frequently, until it bubbles down to a heavy paste, 30 to frothy five minutes.

Whisk the vinegar to the seeds mixture and keep to cook until it is thickened to the required consistency you know, the standard prepared mustard persistence, which ought to take anyplace from 7 to fifteen minutes. Transfer the mustard to an air-tight container, cover, and refrigerate for up to a few months. The mustard may be very sharp the first few days or weeks, but will mellow with time.

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