There is something very gratifying about making a relaxing pot of soup from several simple seasonal ingredients. Autumn potatoes and leeks get together in this classic pairing. Pumpkins, apples and winter squash reign the picture with their wealthy hot hues and bright pops of colour, but venture a bit deeper, and you’ll find the subtle shades of autumn potatoes. With lots of types accessible, how do you choose which potatoes to buy? All depends upon how you plan to cook them. Potato, typically, are divided into 3 groups, starchy, waxy and all purpose, based on their degree of starch. It’s their starch degree that tells us how to best make them, some giving themselves better than others in recipes, affecting the consequence.

How to make perfect soup from potatoes and leeks1

Starchy potatoes, like russets and bintjes, have been extremely low in humidity. They consume whatever you pair with them – perfect for buttery fluffy mashed potatoes or baked potatoes. Their low humidity content, and high absorption makes them perfect for frying, ideal for fries or potato pancakes. These high starch potatoes may also too readily absorb water, to ensure they break apart when boiled, making them not the most suitable choice for salads. On the flip side, waxy potatoes, including red potatoes, fingerlings, most new potatoes, and a few blue potatoes, have been low in starch with flesh that’s characteristically creamy, firm and damp that holds its shape well after cooking.

How to make perfect soup from potatoes and leeks

They are typically ideal for roasting in the oven, blanching, pureed in soups and baked in casseroles. Since they’ve a more cohesive cell structure and do not get overly mushy, they’re an ideal candidate for potato salads. All purpose potatoes possess a medium starch content falling anywhere in between the starchy and waxy potatoes. They are a true multi purpose potato, and may be utilized in almost any cooking application. Other types include, yellow fins, and some purple and white potatoes. They are moister than high starch potatoes still keep their shape a bit better. This is also the time of year that leeks have been in season – so it can make perfect sense that they be paired together. The inclusion of onion and garlic provides the soup added dimension and difficulty. Cut the leeks lengthwise, and rinse under running water to remove any dirt.

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