The Vicon iXdrive 5240 is a revolutionary machine for the agriculture , read more about  specification ,technical news and more

iXdrive 5240


Boom widths available include aluminium versions from 24-30 metres folding in two sections , or triple -fold steel booms up to 40 m.

Our test machine was equipped with a 36 m steel variant .Building on the suspension effect  of the rear axle , furher boom suspesion comes from a parrallelogram linkage.Lateral and yaw stability is then maintained using shock absorbers and buffers .In addition , the firm´s Boom Guide Active Roll system uses sensors positioned on the outer wings and centre section to automatically control boom height .Each wing will independetely adjust working height to follow contours .

Its hybrid sensors can also recognise laid crop , and rather than the boom automatically lowering at this point , it will maintain height .During out stint , boom respounse was good and remained composed at all times , although perhaps some more taxing topography may prove otherwise.

Standard fitment

Pentajet five-way nozzles are standard fitment .As yet , there is no automatic nozzle selection , but the firm is working on this with its GeoSpray system .Application rates are about  400litres/hectares at 16 kph (10mph) or 600 litres/ha at 11 kph (7mph) , for example .

With a full spray tank  and booms folded out , it is said weight distribution is 50:50 between the two axles , changing to 51:49  when empty .


Positioned just behind the cab is a Stage 4-compliant Perkins engine .While its position affords good access and a clean airflow to the motor ,fan noise through the rear of the cab is noticeable.It is not so much the volume , which is actually relatively quiet , but the harshness of noise which gets to you .Thicker rear glass and about 200 operating rpm less would go a long way to alleviate the problem .


Working revs are about 2,000 rpm.The machine could work at lower revs , but systems such as boom guidance need recalibrating to match lower revs.During work ,a manual cruise control speed can be sent via a dial .Essentially , it provides a top spped limit which the machine cannot exceed , no matter how far you push the drive lever .Poclain wheel motors take care of the drive .Using direct drive instead of reduction hubs , speed change is responsive and torque transfer is said to be more efficient .It also means wheel motors are relatively compact – leg covers are on option.

Hydraulic braking

About 90% of the time , hydraulic braking provided by the transmission will suffice .Should the situation require ,dustbin lid-sized disc brakes can be used.Based on the number of face prints on the front windscreen , they do work well .


Catering to the fast spraying market , a rigid front axle , which pivots in the middle , uses swing arm suspension dampened by hydraulic accumulators .To reduce vertical movements at the rear , the rear axle is mounted on a trailing A-frame , which pivots around a forward -mounted centre pivot point .

Overall result

iXdrive 5240

The overall result is a front-end which is firmly planted to allow high cornering speeds with minimal roll , and a rear which is fluid enough to absorb lumps and bumps and reduce shock load transfer to the boom .On this machine , track width is adjustable from 1,8 metres to 2 m , controlled from in the cab.

In addition ,track widths can be independentely offset between front and rear axles to reduce compaction.

With a 1.3m ground clearance and clean underside , crop snagging should be kept to a minimum .The only thing dangling is the induction pipe .

iXdrive 5240 specification

Spray tank capacity :5,000 litres

Spray pack :Twin , 260 litres/min Altek pumps ,iXflow recirculation ,iXclean rinsing.

Boom:36 metre steel

Engine : 240hp, Stage 4 -compliant Perkins

Transmission :Twin range hydrostatic , 0-20 kph , 0-40 kph

Steering :Three -mode (crab ,front -wheel , all -wheel)

Suspension: Hydro-pneumatic

Price : £ 230,000 on farm

iXdrive is a good choice for you and for your land !


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