When Fran Kaul made the move to build a boat in 2011 , she went about the project a bit like Goldilocks ,eschewing a little too small and way too fancy for just the right boat .The boat she had fished for previous 20 years did not have a top house , and that coupled with Bristol Bay´s notoriously nasty summer weather , made Kaul pine for a boat with covered bridge .

Janet Elaine

A strong seller´s market for boats offered incentive to sell her existing boat ,and build a new one .Kaul choose a Dick Smitha hull design , but had NDI , a custom aluminum boat builder , built it on Whidbey Island , Wash.

The Janet Elaine is powered with a 600-hp Scania D-113 M Series matched up with a ZF Marine 360 gear and a 24-inch Namjet .The jet propusulsion ,compared to a traditional prop ,compared to a traditional prop , gains Kaul speed , maneuverability and access to the shallow river waters of the bay .Through the gains weight  and “sail effect ” with a larger top house ,Kaul says ,”It´s really nice to be able to talk on the radios and be dry .” She also finds the larger deck space to be useful .The deck is way bigger and has a longer distance between the roller and the reel , so you can have more pickers and pick faster .”

Through Kaul sometimes daydreams about building a buffalo bridge or relocating her deck controls , she says ,” A lot of people built their boats and spent piles of money trying to make them better and better and better .I didn´t feel the need to do that ” . The Janet Elaine has remained relatively unchanged since 2011.When Kaul asked friends for help naming the new boat , she received many comedic suggestions , including Deadliest Cougar and Diva , but in the end “dear old mom won out ” , and Kaul named the boat after her mother .It seems that as soon as 89-year-old Janet Elaine had a bottle of champagne cracked over the bow , the boat was just right .

Name of the boat :Janet Elaine

Home port:Juneau ,Alaska

Owner:Fran Kaul ,Winthrop ,Wash

Builder :NDI,Whidbey Island ,Wash

Hull material :Aluminum

Year built :2011

Fishery :Bristol Bay gillnetting


Beam :15′

Draft :18″

Tonnage:17 gross , 14 net

Propulsion ;Scania D-113 M Series ,in-line 6 cylinder 600 hp

Gearbox:Twin Disc ZF 360

Inverter :Magnum 3,000 watt

Proppeller :24″ Namjet

Speed:23 knots

Fuel:30 gph@23 knots

Generators :Mitsubishi 7.5 -ton

Fuel capacity :200 gallons

Freshwater capacity :50 gallons

Hold capacity :16,000 pounds

Crew:4 at peak

Electronics:Comnav with jog and rudder indicator , Garmin 4212 interface sounder ,radar , GPS,plotter ,Standard Horizon VHF ,Uniden 2-meter , Ritchie magnetic compass




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