Stuffed cabbage rolls are a conventional Simchat Torah food because two of the small rolls hand and hand look like a Torah scroll. Even when your cabbage rolls turn out in several sizes, you can put a large roll next to a little roll, and collectively they are going to look as being a Torah towards the finish of the year, scrolled all of the way to the finish of Deuteronomy. Like soup, stuffed cabbage rolls flavor just as good the following day. So this recipe may be made before Shemini Atzeret starts, and it’ll be delicious for Simchat Torah.


It also freezes well, so it may be made well in advance. For families with a custom to eat dinner after hakafot, just like mine, cabbage rolls are wonderful soul food to come home to carrying out a raucous night of dancing. Place the rice and 1 3\/4 cups of water in a saucepan. When the water boils decrease the heat to medium plus cook the rice until all of the water was consumed. Mince the onions plus saute in grape seed oil in a big heavy bottomed, oven proof pot until soft. In a big bowl, combine half the sauteed onion with the burger, eggs, rice, 2 Tbs tomato paste, minced thyme plus rosemary, plus pepper and salt to taste.

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Mix with your hands until all elements are completely combined. Remove the first several external leaves of the cabbage, then spot the whole cabbage in a pot, cover with water, plus bring to a boil. Remove the cabbage from the pot plus start peeling off leaves, making certain not to tear them. Be cautious not to burn yourself from the steam. If you are having trouble removing leaves without tearing them, place the cabbage back in the pot plus boil for another 5-ten minutes to loosen the leaves even more.

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