Mashed potatoes are ready in number of ways in various cuisines. In South Asian cuisine it’s prepared with little more spice as compare to other cuisine, this mashed potato flavors some how spicy and sour overly thus its name Mashed Potato Sour. It is normally served with boiled rice and traditional Indian style lentils, but you could also put it to use as stuffing to make potato bread orĀ  paratha.

mashed potatoes

This recipe may be ready in only 30-35 minutes as well as is enough for 4 individuals serving. 3 medium size potatoes 1/2 cup cilantro leaves 1\/4 cup mint leaves 5-6 roasted dry red chilies 1 teaspoon roasted cumin powder 2-3 tablespoons tamarind paste Salt to taste Mustard oil several drops.
When water begins bubbling, add potato pieces and allow them boil on medium heat for 20-25 minutes. Don’t boil potatoes a lot of normally they become quite soft as well as your mashed potato would not last for long time. Pare the potatoes as soon as they become boil and mash them making use of fork or masher. Crushed roasted dry red chilies utilizing your hands and make them into quite fine particles.


Now mix all of the ingredients together i.e. Mashed potatoes, cilantro leaves, mint leaves, tamarind paste, salt, roasted cumin and crushed red chilies. When most of them mix nicely then make a dough of mashed potato mix and coat with several drops of mustard oil. Spicy and sour mashed potato is prepared to serve with boiled rice as well as lentils soup at lunch. You can adjust the amount of spices as well as tamarind paste according to your taste. To make tamarind paste, soak tamarind into warm water for ten minutes then mashed utilizing your hands to get the pulp as well as take out seeds.

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