Let us face it, Mexico isn’t exactly a major player in the current craft beer revolution. That does not mean that its long tradition of easy drinking, European style lagers is something to be overlooked. So when faced along with the Oktoberfest-of Mexican beer that’s Cinco de Mayo, arm yourself with our top 5 beers we think you need to get down with before the tequila comes down to the floor. Victoria is the perfect step up from all the comparable tasting light Mexican lagers made by Grupo Modelo – think Tecate, Corona, Modelo Especial, Pacifico.


Like those in the cerveza clara style, Victoria remains crisp and refreshing, but true to its more amber colour, it’s got a bit of sweetness, too.

The low four percent ABV makes it a fantastic choice for sessioning, too. This only-in large amber bottles version of Corona Extra tastes so a lot better than its smaller sibling that it’s sparked debates as to whether it is a different recipe altogether. In accordance with the brewery’s web site, Corona Familiar is merely the company’s designation for the 32-oz. Size of regular Corona – which more than likely a lot more flavour due of the fact that its dark coloured container protects the beer from skunky nastiness that its smaller, clear glass counterparts don’t.


The whole campaign will be the most plausible if he preferred to drink Dos Equis Amber, the brand’s other all year round beer. A wonderfully sessionable Vienna lager style, this brown bottle Dos Equis Amber is perfect for fans of both Sam Adams Boston Lager and Newcastle’s Brown Ale. Negra Modelo is the best selling dark beer in Mexico and it is easy to see why. In place of the Mexican Vienna style lagers which are only a step up in colour and flavour from the claras, Negra Modelo is an even darker, more tasty, German style dunkel.

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