Understanding how food interacts with our body and the role it plays in healing various health conditions may be helpful. Whether food is utilized as part of a medical treatment or a diet focused diet, knowledge is power. Although some might disregard medical food, medical researchers have proven how prescriptive diets have been used to minify health threats.


There are currently 38, 000 discovered and classified species of mushrooms that hold medical benefits. At the last 2 decades there’s been widespread interest in the role of the immunity system for maintaining good health. According to a study on medicinal mushrooms, diseases related to immune dysfunction Such as cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, AIDS\/HIV, hepatitis and autoimmune conditions are gaining wide attention from medical researchers and clinicians.

Consequently, practitioners are looking to mushrooms for their medical effects on the immunity system. The immune strengthening advantages of certain fungi and their extracts have even shown to have an anti cancer effect. While research foundations like Cancer Research UK confirm that there’s no evidence that mushrooms or mushroom extracts can prevent or cure cancer, specific fungi can prolong and improve the lives of cancer patients, as well as improve their recovery process. Given that medical mushrooms improve and modulate immune response, individuals from all around the world used their medical properties to reduce health threats and boost the immunity system.

More specifically, research has indicated mushrooms have possible anti cancer, antiviral, anti inflammatory, and hepatoprotective properties. Let us look at how specific types of mushrooms can increase your state of health. Shiitake mushrooms have strong immune enhancing and antiviral properties, contributing to lower cholesterol while exhibiting virus inhibiting effects. Shiitake mushrooms contain lentinan which not only fortifies the immunity system in accordance with the American Cancer Society, is believed to slow tumor growth. Reishi has shown to contribute to the healing of tumors, while lowering blood sugar and levels of cholesterol. According to one report, Reishi helps with the modulation of the immunity system and provides hepatoprotection and bacteriostasis within the body.


It is been used for over 2, 000 years, and is distinctive in that its pharmaceutical value is more significant than its nutritional value, setting it apart from other medical mushrooms. One study identified anti-oxidant constituents in the rare mushroom. The researchers observed the anti-oxidant agents by detecting ten fatty acids and fatty acid esters from an extract, then evaluated the anti-oxidant activity. Because of its anti-oxidant constituents, Russulaceae contribute to the overall health of the immunity system.

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